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Today, Saturday, April 9, 2022 the euro price stability in Egypt


The euro stabilized at 19.95 Egyptian pounds in Egypt today, with the forex market closing and the Egyptian bank holiday.

The price of the euro in Egypt today

The average euro exchange rate in Egypt today at authorized exchange offices reached வாங்க 19.95 for purchases, compared to 20 20.09 for sales, the latest updates on the euro exchange rate are as follows:

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Sudanese pounds to Saudi riyals.

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  • The Euro at the National Bank of Kuwait (Piraeus) is priced at 4 19846 and the selling price is 20 20,057.
  • Today the price of the Euro in Banque Misr is, 19,7992 for purchase and 20 20,0068 for sale.
  • The National Bank of Greece recorded a purchase price of 19.8707 euros for the Euro, which is விற்பனை 20.0511 for the sale price.
  • The Euro is currently priced at 19 19,8487 for purchase and 20 20,1057 for sale at the Bank of Alexandria.
  • விலை 19.8737 to buy and 20 20.1057 to sell at Euros on First Abu Dhabi Bank.
  • Today the euro is priced at £ 19,8737 for United Bank and £ 10,057 for sale.
  • ம 19.8737 to buy at Euros today at Mashreq Bank and. 20.1057 to sell at.
  • The Euro price on Blom Bank is .8 19.8737 for today’s purchase, compared to விற்பனை 201056 for the sale price.
  • The buy price of the Euro at Arab International Bank AIB was .8 19.8736 and the selling price was. 20.1055.
  • Today the euro is priced at 199075 Egyptian pounds and the purchase price at the central bank is, 20,054.
  • The selling price of the Euro today at Midbank is 198728 pounds compared to the selling price of 2014357 pounds.
  • விலை 19.8682 for the purchase price of Euro, 20 20,110 for the sale price at Misr Gulf Bank.
  • Today the price of the Euro is 19 19,8738 for purchase and 20 20,1057 for sale at the Egyptian Arab Land Bank.
  • The price of the Euro in Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank was 198847 Egyptian pounds, compared to the purchase price of 201057 Egyptian pounds.
  • The price of the Euro in the Arab Investment Bank is 64 199964, the purchase price is விற்பனை 201131 compared to the selling price.
  • The euro was priced at 19 19.87 to buy today at HSBC, and விற்பனை 20.12 at the selling price.
  • The euro is priced at .8 19,8739 at the Arab-African International Bank for purchase, 2010 2010,558 for sale.
  • The exchange rate for the euro is 19.8737 for buying and 20.1056 for selling at Islamic Development Bank.
  • The Egyptian Arab Land Bank today bought the euro in Egypt for 19 19,8739 and the selling price for 20,1058.
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The best bank to buy and sell euros in Egypt

The best bank to sell the euro today is the Arab investment bank, where the exchange rate of the euro against the Egyptian pound was 19.9964, while the best price to buy the euro was the Bank of Egypt, valued at 20.0068 Egyptian pounds. Pound. .

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