January 29, 2023

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Tomorrow .. Merger of Venus and Mars and seeing them with the naked eye

Tomorrow .. Merger of Venus and Mars and seeing them with the naked eye

Ashraf Thatros, a professor of astronomy at the National Institute for Astronomy and Geophysical Research, said the event of Venus merging with Mars would be visible tomorrow morning, and could be seen with the naked eye from sunrise at four o’clock. Morning clock from the intensity of sunrise as a result of sunrise until they disappear.

Tadros pointed out – today – in a statement to the Middle East News Agency that fusion is the approach to another celestial body within several degrees of the arc when viewed from Earth, which is an unrealistically obvious angular approach. As far as the actual distance between them is concerned, there is no correlation with distance.

For his part, Eng., President of the Astronomical Society in Jeddah. Majeed Abu Zahira said in a statement released today that the planets Venus and Mars will be separated by 3 degrees tomorrow Wednesday morning and will be normal. The celestial triangle with Saturn on the southeastern horizon in the event of being seen with the naked eye.

Venus appears to be a bright point of light, and to the observer Mars appears faint on the bottom right of Venus, as there is so much distance between them that they do not appear together with the telescope’s view, but this can be done with a telescope.

He said that since Mars is currently so far away from Earth, it is 285 million km away from Earth on the other side of the Sun, and Venus is 94 million km away so it will appear faint. And twice the diameter of Mars and a permanent cloud around it, much larger than sunlight.

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He emphasized that the convergence of Venus and Mars was an optical illusion; This is because the planets are separated by millions of kilometers, but only on Earth do they appear so close to each other in our view.