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Duchess criticizes the British Prime Minister .. And Howard will pay in favor of Chelsea!


German coach Thomas Duchess has questioned British Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s priorities, after learning that “Blues” fans should now stop supporting Russian owner Roman Abramovich.

Abramovich, who bought Chelsea in 2003, is trying to sell the club after his assets were frozen by the British government due to the Russian occupation of Ukraine.

Chelsea now have to work under very difficult circumstances, with fans continuing to show support for the club’s owner, and Touchel believes there are now major issues that need to be addressed by all at this time, apart from the behavior of the fans.

What did Boris Johnson say?

A spokesman for the Prime Minister said of Chelsea fans’ continued support for Abramovich: “We know the strength of the sentiment around people-owned clubs, but it does not justify inappropriate behavior at this time.”

“I think people can show interest and support for their club without resorting to these kinds of things,” he added.

What is Tussauds’ response?

The German coach was asked about Johnson’s comments before the “Blues” travel to France to face Lille on Wednesday evening in the second leg of round 16 of the Champions League.

“I heard about it. I only heard about it a few minutes ago. I don’t know if this is the most important debate in parliament at this time,” Tuchel said.

He added: “The cheering of the fans being debated in Parliament, I do not know whether we should worry about the priorities of this government, but there is no need for me to comment, there are already urgent matters to be discussed. Deal.”

Thomas Tuchel Chelsea 2021-22

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‘I pay out of my own pocket for Chelsea’

For his part, German midfielder Coy Howards has confirmed that Chelsea are willing to pay the fare to face Middlesbrough in the FA Cup next Saturday.

The British government’s sanctions against Chelsea’s owner have forced them to pay only £ 20,000 for the team’s tour of the club’s home.

Chelsea may not be able to afford a plane to take the team to that meeting and will have to travel by bus instead.

If the club’s misery persisted, Howards offered to donate money from his own pocket to help the club complete its production.

“I give money, it’s not a problem, I think it’s not a big problem for us,” he said during a press conference before facing German Lille.

“For us, going to tournaments is the most important thing,” he added.

“I think there are a lot more difficult moments and difficult things in the world right now than getting on the bus or plane to go to the competition,” he continued.

The German concluded: “I pay that money. I have no problem.”

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