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Top 3 Cities in Vietnam for Digital Nomads



We’ve got your back if you’re looking to set up somewhere in Vietnam and don’t know where to start. We’ve researched the best cities in Vietnam for digital nomads and put them together in one place. Here’s what we learned!

Ho Chi Minh City

Ho Chi Minh City is the largest city in Vietnam and one of the most beautiful places to live and work in Southeast Asia. The city has excellent museums, a history that goes back to the days of the Vietnam War, and fantastic food and coffee. In Ho Chi Minh City, you can also find plenty of markets with bargaining opportunities (the best place for souvenirs). To top it all off, there are plenty of mountains where you can hike or bike through lush greenery without crowds of tourists and cheap lodging. Everything you need to enjoy working remotely while traveling on a budget!

Ho Chi Minh City, also known as Saigon, is not just the largest city in Vietnam, but also a hub for digital nomads. The city also has splendid markets, mountains and cheap lodging.

The most famous museums include The War Remnants Museum (formerly known as The American War Crimes Museum), which offers visitors an opportunity to learn more about life during wartime taken by soldiers. Ho Chi Minh City Museum is another special spot to visit. Here, you can learn about Vietnam’s history from ancient times until today. Lastly, Reunification Palace was built under French rule before becoming home to presidents after reunification. There are also many temples and churches like the Notre Dame Cathedral, St Joseph’s, and Jade Emperor Pagoda.

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Da Nang

Da Nang is known as the most livable and cleanest city in Vietnam. It has a strong economy partially based on tourism, so there are plenty of viable places to work remotely. The city also has a lot of great Vietnamese food and some international restaurants that make it easy to try new things while working at your computer.

It’s the third-largest city in Vietnam and is exceptional for those who want to stay close to the beach and the mountains. There are plenty of quick getaway opportunities outside Da Nang while keeping the hustle and bustle of any big city. Da Nang is also more affordable than Ho Chi Minh City, making it an excellent alternative for those trying to cut expenses.


Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam and its second most populated city, is a fascinating place for digital nomads. It has everything you need:

  • Great cafés, coworking spaces, and events.
  • Delicious food.
  • Tons of things to do.
  • Diverse transportation options.
  • An easy airport connection from other parts of Southeast Asia.

Hanoi is also home to some of the country’s oldest historical sites that offer remarkable insights into how it was hundreds if not thousands of years ago (there are even some extraordinary temples where you can chill out). There are also many parks where you can take a break from working and enjoy nature at its best.

But before you can go to Vietnam to live and work remotely, you’ll need to apply for a visa. You can apply online for a [Vietnam Tourist Visa] and spend 30 days relaxing in the country. During this time, we recommend exploring these three cities and finding the one that resonates with you. Applying for this visa won’t take you more than 15 minutes, and you get it directly to your email inbox in less than a week. Vietnam is one of the fastest-growing economies in Asia, and it’s worth checking out for an extended stay.

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Dubai Municipality adopts 7 pledges to ensure sustainability



Dubai Municipality adopts 7 pledges to ensure sustainability

Dubai Municipality adopted seven strategic commitments to ensure sustainability in its current and future projects, while it provided a sustainable model for government sites, within the activities of the COP28 conference, by building its site using 3D printing from sustainable, eco-friendly materials.

Marwan Al-Janahi, an engineer at the building licensing department of Dubai Municipality and one of the supervisors of the municipality’s platform at “COP 28”, said the seven commitments are climate neutrality, increasing the area of ​​reserves, and doubling green areas. , achieving complete sustainability of buildings, sustainability of sanitation and achieving zero waste, in landfills, in addition to complete treatment of wastewater in the emirate.

Al Janahi added that the Emirate of Dubai is working to achieve a “zero” percentage of waste in buildings, noting that the amount of construction waste recorded by the Emirate of Dubai in 2019 was 65 million tonnes, of which around 15 million tonnes were generated. Thrown in the waste, the rest was recycled.

He stressed that Dubai has succeeded in achieving the concepts of a sustainable economy through the Dubai Green Building System and following the Al Safaat method of constructing buildings in the emirate in accordance with green building standards and requirements.

He pointed out that during COP 28, the municipality is highlighting a set of projects and initiatives dedicated to promoting sustainable pathways in Dubai, such as the Digital Twin Project for the City of Dubai and the use of advanced technology, including applications of artificial intelligence. , the Safat system for assessing the carbon footprint of buildings in an urban environment, reducing and sequestering waste, reducing and eliminating emissions from the source, and assessing green buildings. Dubai Municipality supports the COP28 conference, hosted by the UAE, as a turning point for achieving concrete progress on global climate action, with a focus on achieving sustainable economic and social development, promoting cooperation, partnerships and coordinating climate action efforts. To reflect the organizational values ​​of participation, positivity, competition and efficiency.

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On the sidelines of the conference, Dubai Municipality organized a series of interactive workshops promoting international participation from different parts of the world, on key topics such as imagining best sustainable practices and awareness of eco-friendly practices. Several dialogue sessions hosted by the global event, experts speak, present the results of its many strategic initiatives in the fields of evaluating, classifying and rewarding international, green building practices, establishing laboratories supporting the sustainability of future cities, and benefiting from data analysis.

7 Affirmations

– The climate is neutral.

– Increase in reserve area.

– Doubling of green areas.

– Achieving complete sustainability of buildings.

– Sustainability of healthcare.

– Filtration of waste in garbage cans.

– Complete sewage treatment in the emirate.

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Abu Dhabi Police has called for strict adherence to traffic rules during the Union Day holiday



Abu Dhabi Police has called for strict adherence to traffic rules during the Union Day holiday

Abu Dhabi Police has called on the public to obey traffic rules and regulations, not to drive carelessly and recklessly during celebrations, to observe the requirements and restrictions on the decoration of vehicles, not to behave recklessly on the roads, and to avoid accidents. Happy 52nd Union Day holiday, and wish them a safe and happy holiday.

It emphasized its interest in providing a safe environment to enable community members to celebrate the occasion by preventing anything that disturbs the peace and dealing with emergency situations on main roads, forest areas or places reserved for celebrations.

Abu Dhabi Police has asked the public to cooperate with the instructions of the police and security personnel, especially those attending celebrations and those visiting the wild areas, and to avoid negative behaviour.

It announced that it is ready to increase the number of patrols to protect the celebrations and distribute them according to traffic density points in shopping centers and various event venues in the emirate to improve their security features.

It warned against standing on the roof of a vehicle or leaning out of its windows while driving, making spectacular movements and reckless behavior on the roads, obstructing traffic or blocking the road for others and not stopping at unmarked places.

He called on drivers to pay attention to the movement of pedestrians on various roads, slow down near crossings, give them priority in crossing, and increase caution and attention to children, especially near parks and tourist spots.

He urged families to keep a watch on their children and not take advantage of the joy of Union Day by parading and racing vehicles on the roads. Others are at risk.

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Abu Dhabi Police has advised parents using motorcycles, especially on land, to observe public safety regulations and not drive recklessly to avoid accidents. Designated to ride and ride bicycles, and ensures the safety and fit of the bike. Availability of front and rear lights, tires and first aid kit.

He pointed out that the Command and Control Center in the Operations Department in the Central Operations Department operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week to receive calls and reports to Abu Dhabi, Al Ain and Al Dhafra cities. Ensuring speedy arrival of special police teams to respond to emergency calls and emergency situations and protect lives, property and national interests.

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The European Union confirms its commitment to operate a loss and damage fund



The European Union confirms its commitment to operate a loss and damage fund

Observers are describing this edition of the United Nations climate conference as a turning point in the history of tackling climate change, as it scored an initial victory on its first day, with delegates agreeing to a long-awaited outcome, a fund to compensate countries for “loss” and damage” most affected by climate change.

Bueno said the European Union is at the highest level at “Cop28” as European Council President Charles Michel and Commission President Ursula van der Leyen attend the leaders’ summit.

Commissioner Wopke Hoekstra will also lead the EU “CoP28” negotiating team, and 8 EU commissioners will participate in various sessions, along with a delegation of high-level officials from various EU departments, according to Bueno.

He pointed out that the European Union will hold more than 90 side events on the most pressing climate issues, which reflects the importance of connecting the Union to this occasion and the need to mobilize efforts to combat climate change.

The issue is priorities
The spokesperson of the European Union identified the priorities of the issues from the European perspective at several points during the current edition of the Conference of the Parties:

  • We will be at the forefront of negotiations to demonstrate the EU’s strong commitment to the green transition and encourage our partners to take an ambitious approach.
  • Member States highlighted the importance of substantially increasing global climate ambition in line with the Paris Agreement, in order to achieve the 1.5°C target, particularly as NDCs and their updates are currently insufficient to meet the target.
  • All parties should review their contributions and strengthen long-term strategies for low-GHG development. target.
  • We have made a renewed EU contribution to reducing net greenhouse gas emissions by at least 55 percent by 2030.
  • The EU will phase out fossil fuels by 2030 and promote a decarbonised global energy system, and we need to help develop technologies to capture emissions.
  • With the leadership of COP28, we will launch a global commitment to renewable energy and energy efficiency. The goal will be to triple the installed renewable energy capacity and double the energy efficiency rate by 2030.
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Adaptation efforts
Regarding the EU’s role in supporting the rights of developing countries in the face of climate change, Bueno said that progress must be made on the global goal on adaptation, so the Union will call on all parties to make greater efforts for adaptation. All departments.

In addition, the European Union intends to step up efforts to raise funds in support of climate action, according to its spokesperson.

He added: “European Union countries have committed to raising $100 billion annually to help developing countries deal with the effects of climate change. We expect to meet this target for the first time in 2023.”

In 2022, the EU contributed €28.5 billion to the Common Climate Fund.

Losses and Damages
Bueno noted that the EU will continue to seek effective solutions to meet the needs of developing countries regarding losses and damages.

An EU spokesman stressed the commitment to running the loss and damage fund: “We are ready to lead international contributions to that.”

In the first major progress recorded at COP28, the decision was taken to activate the Climate Loss and Damage Fund to compensate countries most affected by climate change. Consistent with negotiations on fossil fuels.

Several countries have already announced contributions, starting with small pledges of what countries hope will be large sums, including $100 million from the United Arab Emirates, which hosts the conference, another $100 million from Germany and at least $51 million from Britain. 17. $5 million from the US and $10 million from Japan.

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An initial breakthrough in establishing a damage fund that poor countries have been demanding for years could pave the way for other solutions to be reached during the two-week summit.

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