June 7, 2023

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Moving domes to take care of worshipers at Prophet's Mosque.. See pictures

Moving domes to take care of worshipers at Prophet’s Mosque.. See pictures

The domes of the Prophet’s Mosque, with their unique structures, are part of the aesthetics of the Prophet’s Mosque’s architecture, and its construction according to the latest engineering designs mastered in design with modern technology, achieves complete care for the worshippers. Inside the mosque.

The domes of the Prophet’s Mosque are designed with various architectural structures, including several verses and surahs of the Qur’an, and windows of various sizes designed to control lighting and allow the entry of wind and sunlight inside the mosque.

The recent expansion of the Prophet’s Mosque saw the implementation of 27 movable domes distributed throughout the mosque with unique engineering and architectural designs, and the opening and closing of the domes are automatically controlled by a special control room within the services overseen by operation and maintenance. The enclosures are closed to protect and protect the devotees from direct sunlight by allowing sunlight and air to enter at appropriate times based on the nature of the atmosphere, air quality and cleanliness. In addition to the volume of cool air inside the mosque, the domes’ role in transmitting the echoes of the mosque’s imam and preacher’s voice during sermons and prayers distributes sound evenly throughout the mosque.

The movable domes in the Prophet’s Mosque are designed with harmonious dimensions, where the length of the ribs of the dome is 18 meters and its weight is 80 tons. Solid cedar wood decorated with blue turquoise inlaid wood patterns. The domes projecting from the outside are decorated with harmonious geometric lines in brown and cladding with hexagonal mosaic and ceramic pieces, adding aesthetics to the design.

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