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Top trending on YouTube.. Artist Tamar Hosni presents “Taj” and “Happiness Hormone” | Art


Ask the artist Tamer Hosni His latest musical work, titled «crownFrom his new albumHappiness hormone», through his official channel on the popular YouTube video site and several digital music platforms.

The song “Taj” is a promotional song for Tamar Hosni’s new movie “Taj”, distributed by Nabulsi and Master Ali Fadallah.

Star, Tamer Hosni and his new film, Taj, took second place at the cinema box office on Thursday, beating artist Amir Karara’s The Boogeyman to third place, and Taj reaped. One million and 502 thousand pounds in the last 24 hours.

“Taj” Lyrics by Tamer Hosni
And some of the lyrics of the song say: “People of God, you who are above… look not to what is below, it must please you… and forget the days of light.”

The artist, Tamer Hosni, recently released his new song “Harmon of Happiness” which is trending at number 24 on YouTube and the song has received millions of views as the number of views crossed 17 million views, within a week of its release.

“Harmoun Al-Saada” is the first single from Tamer Hosni’s new album, which bears the same name as the song. It was written by Ahmad Zafar, composed by Ali Al-Khawaja and arranged by Hadem Mohsen.

It is worth noting that the film “Taj” was directed by Sarah Wafik, starring artist Tamar Hosni, artist Tina El-Sherbini, Hala Faker, singer Sandy and many other guests of honor.

Events from Tamer Hosni’s movie “Taj”.
The events of the work revolve around a comic structure around a superhero named “Superhero” and involves the characters of two twin brothers named Damar Hosni (Taj) and (Haroon) who go through many crises in a series of events.

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