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“Total Energy” is negotiating to import diesel from UAE


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Bloomberg News reports that the French government is in talks with the United Arab Emirates to import diesel and other fuels, and the French government has advised France to diversify its sources of oil imports and find alternative sources for Russia. Oil before next winter, in light of the continuation of the Russian-Ukrainian crisis.

According to “Bloomberg”, the group’s CEO, Patrick Pouyanne, told a hearing in the French Parliament yesterday: “Under the initiative of the French government, we are now discussing an agreement to access diesel and other types of fuel. Next winter from the United Arab Emirates, if we need it.” Therefore”.

“There will be no problem with diesel supply and heating fuel in the coming months,” Bouyenne added.

It is known that Russia accounts for 12% of total energy imports in Europe, diesel and other fuels, but this percentage will drop to zero by next February, Pouyanne confirmed at the same hearing.

This is in line with the ongoing trend of the US and the EU reducing their dependence on Russian oil and gas against the backdrop of economic sanctions imposed on Russia due to the current crisis between Russia and Ukraine.


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