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ABU DHABI, 15th July / WAM / Local newspapers published this morning highlighted the speech of the Head of State, Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, “May God protect him” at the I2U2 Leaders’ Summit. The UAE, the United States, India and Israel The inclusive group accurately identified the common challenges among the countries of the world and proposed solutions to address these challenges and the importance of international partnerships to achieve the aspirations of the state and its various strategies and programs at the national, regional and international levels to address the challenges of climate change faced by the world.

Newspapers were interested in the four-way talks between Russian and Ukrainian representatives in Ankara, with the participation of Turkey and the United Nations, which resulted in an agreement to resume Ukrainian grain exports. Starvation.

Under the title “Challenges to be faced together” .. “Al-Ittihad” newspaper wrote the speech of the head of state Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan before the summit of leaders, “May God protect him”. The “I2U2” group, comprising the United Arab Emirates, the United States of America, India and Israel, accurately identified the nature of the common challenges facing the nations of the world and proposed solutions to address these challenges within the framework of His Highness’ comprehensive vision of peace, security and stability, and a prosperous future for the people of the region and the world. Tasks to achieve development.

He said that food and energy security, climate change and health care are the most important humanitarian challenges, and solving them will not be individual, but through cooperation and partnership, with governments and people willing to work together. It forms the engine of development by leveraging the economic and investment strengths of each country, uniting for a single human goal of ending conflict, terrorism and extremism.

Concluding its editorial, he said that these principles, values ​​and objectives are the true embodiment of the character of the UAE’s relations, policy and diplomacy, and the starting point for its movements in various international and international forums and gatherings. The State has always worked to increase any possibility of peace, contributed to the generalization of global development, spreading tolerance and human brotherhood to all corners of the earth, and it continues in its partnership and economic cooperation with the nations of the world. As long as geographical boundaries are the common denominator that unites these countries, they want peace and achieve prosperity and prosperity.

On the same topic titled “Emirati vision for the benefit of humanity”.

Al-Watan newspaper said, “In a world affected by many challenges and serious crises reflected in the international reality, the necessary orientation in preparation for the future is the civilized role of the Emirates under the leadership of Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Head of State, “may God protect him”, and his high vision, honorable positions. And history exemplifies a great man full of hard work and efforts who have played a huge role in bringing positive change in the lives of millions of people in the world, and the UAE’s stances expressed the voice of reason and wisdom that the world needed, which encouraged most active countries to establish partnerships with them, for their prosperous path and the welfare of humanity. It also inspires to benefit from efforts aimed at the future of its generations, especially extending its hand with goodness to everyone who shares its noble message and and has become the center of every purposeful global activity and the pillar for the good of mankind.

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“May God protect him,” head of state Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan said during his remote participation in the “I2U2” leaders’ summit, which includes the United Arab Emirates, the United States, India and the United States. Israel, the importance of international partnerships to achieve ambitions, especially the scale of the challenges exceeds the capacity. Any country must deal with it on its own, it made clear during the summit: “We believe that partnership is the only capacity. To overcome today’s complex and overlapping challenges, the most important of which are food and energy security, Climate change and health care are because stability and growth are subject to the availability of a strong and effective economy. This he emphasized in front of the leaders of the four countries, “We in the UAE believe that the economy is the best way to achieve peace, security and progress, especially in partnership between governments and people. And if you have the will and courage to make a face. Challenges.”

He said that today’s world is completely different from the past and the only effectiveness of alliances and coalitions is one that is born out of values ​​as carrying benefits and essential helpers to achieve goals. Especially in the important areas emphasized at the summit .. I have been unable to achieve a world of peace and stability, not the abstract alignments and axes that have tested the international community for decades, as Sheikh Mohammed clearly expressed. The head of state bin Zayed Al Nahyan, “may God protect him”, said: “This quartet is an example for those who want peace and prosperity and a source of great opportunities lost by conflict and wasted by indiscriminate extremism at the cost of people looking for life.

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In conclusion, Al-Watan emphasized that purposeful cooperation closes the distance between countries and that geography has no effect on translating real intentions into effective results. But they meet in their joint work to achieve peace and prosperity and prosperity, which is the modern and optimistic vision of the UAE and its blessed endeavor that the people of the world enjoy peace and stability and that conflicts and all obstacles disappear and development.

On the other hand, titled “A Proactive Approach and an Ambitious Vision”, “Al Bayan” newspaper said that to face the challenges of climate change, the UAE is taking various strategies and plans at the national, regional and international levels. Facing the world as a strategic initiative to achieve climate neutrality by 2050, it aims to reduce emissions, making the UAE the first country in the Middle East and North Africa. A genuine and absolute desire to achieve a higher standard of living based on travel, endless ambition and a clean and carbon-free environment.

He stressed that the UAE’s advanced vision and ability to foresee the future has made it one of the leading countries to adopt an approach to addressing the challenges of climate change. A proactive approach that embraces the development of renewable and clean energy solutions as a more sustainable future alternative.

He said the UAE’s success in hosting the 28th session of the Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP28) embodies international trust and global appreciation for the country’s pioneering efforts and innovative efforts in the climate change file. and its forward-looking and ambitious vision in climate action, which began decades ago.

At the end of his editorial, he added, “The government’s announcement yesterday of its plans to achieve Sustainable Development Goals 14 and 15, which relate to life under water and life on land, may be a confirmation of the strategic vision, and the continuation of the process towards achieving the Sustainable Development Goals, which includes access to clean energy and affordable It also helps in achieving adequate food, quality education, health care, sustainable economic growth, sound environment and increased resource efficiency. In the UAE, it is committed to leaving no one behind and moving the world on a path of sustainable development and the benefit of humanity.

On the other hand, under the heading “A step to overcome famine”, Al-Khalij newspaper, within the framework of international efforts to alleviate the grain crisis as a result of the Ukrainian war, especially with regard to wheat, started many countries. Difficulty obtaining wheat for bread production. Four-way talks between Russian and Ukrainian representatives in Ankara, with the participation of Turkey and the United Nations, resulted in an agreement on the resumption of Ukrainian grain. Avoidable exports expose millions to the risk of starvation.

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Turkey’s Defense Minister Hulusi Agar has indicated that a final deal will be signed next week when the two sides meet again, raising confidence in Russia and Ukraine’s ability to deal with the crisis as one of the world’s biggest wheat producers. Exporters pointed out that the deal includes Turkey ensuring the security of Ukrainian grain export corridors through the Black Sea and establishing a central coordination with Moscow and Kiev under the supervision of the United Nations, including setting controls for the export process.

He said Russia and Ukraine have also exchanged accusations of blocking wheat exports and laying mines in ports that prevent ships from loading or leaving, and that Moscow has imposed restrictions on and inspections of ships to avoid arms smuggling.

He indicated that United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres considered Ukraine’s resumption of grain exports an “important and essential step.” “A decision will be reached.” The final deal is next week.

If this initial agreement is reached, it will undoubtedly be an important step towards alleviating a crisis that threatens millions of people and puts them at risk of real hunger, and will reduce the burden on countries. Some countries have restricted their grain exports and are unable to import grain or have to ban exports in anticipation of the demand of their residents. However, despite this move and its hope, the road to reaching a peace agreement to end the war is still long and difficult, calling for international efforts to get conflicting parties to stop fighting and seek negotiations. completely

Perhaps this agreement convinces everyone that there is a possibility of agreeing on other matters if the interests of all parties are taken into account, and on the basis of equitable international relations that take into account the common security interests that remove fears and dispel doubts.

At the end of its editorial, it said that whether the “Gulf” war is long or short, negotiation and dialogue are necessary at the end. Why not stop it now to alleviate tragedies and disasters? – no –

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