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Total plagiarism in Sulaiman Arty’s ‘Readings in Methods of Modern Criticism’


Literary and scientific plagiarism is a widespread phenomenon throughout the history of writing in its various scientific, cultural and artistic fields and disciplines. At every stage of history, we catch many fraudsters stealing the intellectual and official rights of others. The same is the case with personal writings, university theses and dissertations, poetry and novel writing, money, cinema, theater, plastic arts, etc. But the phenomenon has become worse today. The latter is a very violent and ugly case of theft, a large number of them were prosecuted and exposed in the media, and many of them were sentenced to prison and fined, and the owners of research methodological references who need to acknowledge these rights and return them, but today many of them, academic, literary , in cultural and artistic institutions, do not care and are not ashamed to steal the rights of others, even some of them have a senior position in this or that institution.

I present this introduction as an opening to expose the money thefts I have recently discovered, and a few days ago Dr. I found his book “Readings in Methods of Modern Criticism – A Philosophical Introduction”. Sulaiman Arti, First Edition 2022 published by Meta Book Printing and Publishing House in which country without mentioning the location of this house? .. but it was the name Dr. Baier that caught our attention. Mahmoud Saeed, the artistic advisor of the house, is an Egyptian-born writer who, as a Google search showed me, works in the field of research and playwriting..if the names don’t sound alike, God knows better. .

But here is the question: What is this consultant doing in this house? What is his role or function? For example what is being discussed? And here we look at the catastrophe of Stofigri.. How did this plagiarism happen while working with the same specialty as the book “Mr. Chancellor” whose author was Dr. Suleiman Aarti? ..Questions Awaiting Answers From Meta Book Publishing House Owners.

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Dear Reader, Some of such plagiarism found by the author in the book “Idioms in Modern Criticism – A Philosophical Introduction” by Dr. Sulaiman Aarthi are the page numbers of Aarthi’s book and a related source of original sources and links to these electronic and paper sources:

1- COMPLETE PARAGRAPHS IN THE INTRODUCTION OF DR. Suleiman Arti from Muhammad al-Dihaji’s article “Critical Methods and the Problematic of Application” in Iraqi al-Sabah al-Jadith newspaper, February 19, p. 5 and the back cover page is completely plagiarized – without mentioning the source. 2022 – Incorporated connection.

2- connection “Aesthetics” from the Internet is found in the text of Solomon Ort’s book without citing the original source.

p. Paragraph No. 1 of 18 – Book of Sulaiman Art

3 – Pages in Sulaiman Arti’s book page 20 to 23, complete, without margins, plagiarized pages, text of lectures on research methods, scientific publication given by Dr. Zahra Khafif to third year students – academic year 2017-2018 – August 20, 1955 University – Skikta – Faculty of Arts and Languages ​​Department of Arabic Language and Literature connection

4- Pages 40-47 in Sulaiman Arti’s book, Dr. Pg.20-33 from Salah Fadl’s book “Constructive Theory” in Literary Criticism are completely plagiarized without citing the source.

5 – Pages 56-64 in Sulaiman Arti’s book The Theory of Constructivism in Literary Criticism completely plagiarized from Dar al-Shoruk, pages 29-35, then from pages 184-189.

6- Chapter on New Criticism on pages 65-71 of Sulaiman Art’s book, Dr.

7- Pages 95-101 are from Sulaiman Arti’s book, pages 85-100 are plagiarized from Dr. Salah Fadl’s book Methods of Contemporary Criticism

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8- Chapter (Theory of Reception) in Sulaiman Arti’s book on pages 176-173, completely plagiarized, is an exact copy of Salah Fadlin’s book of contemporary criticism of the curriculum on pages 145-158.

9 – Pg. 171, paragraph 1 of Sulaiman Arti’s book, six lines of which Dr. Zakia bint Muhammad Al-Otaibi, from Salah Fadl’s Literary Text and My Opinion Reading article posted on Al-Jazeera website on September 25, 2016. Link:

10 – Pg. 189, paragraph 3 of Suleiman Arty’s book, “Was the Twentieth Century a Golden Age for Literary Criticism?” Copied from Khaled al-Hilli’s article titled According to Al-Sharq Al-Awsad website, Issue 9182, January 18, 2004. connection:

11- – Pg. 233, paragraphs 2, 3 and 4 of Sulaiman Arti’s book, without mentioning the source, which Dr. Jamil Hamdawi, from his study “Intermediate Approach” published on the website of Al-Kalima magazine, issue no. 125, dated September 2017, as per connection:

12- The chapter found in Suleiman Arti’s book on pages 268-273 (problematic term in Arabic criticism) is completely plagiarized with its margins from the website of Dr. Abdelali Boutayeb – Morocco. According to the link:

For now we are satisfied with this amount of plagiarism, and as the book is full of plagiarism distributed on all its pages, we may have another income. In addition to many plagiarisms in the same book from several sites such as Wikipedia and Civil Dialogue, from several Arab universities and sites of master’s and doctoral theses and dozens of pages, Salah Fadl without reference or reference to the source. Without any notes, it is plagiarized from other books, but completely plagiarized from other people’s reference books, including foreign notes from English and French, especially Dr. Salah Fadl says without mentioning that apart from a complete confusion of notes, not a single student fell into it at the initial stage of the course.

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In conclusion, we don’t want to confuse you with the large number of robberies and thefts in Suleiman Art’s book, because firstly they are too many, and secondly, they require too much time and too much effort.. Thief of ten dollars. A million dollars can be stolen, what can the author of this book do, his biography and the nature of his work I do not know until this hour, only I know, he who stole many lines and pages from the rights of others is ready to steal whole books, and Sulaiman Arti previously presented Or I think all the research, studies and books written based on it were this way. If there was a pirated book of this magnitude, I think some doubts are sinful, and I think God forbid.

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