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Features that make a successful person stand out from the crowd



What makes a person successful and extraordinary? It can take on a combination of traits and traits such as sharp mind, good luck, charisma and leadership qualities, attractive looks and the ability to perceive the world in the eyes of teasing. But we can not ignore the fact that there are common characteristics that help to find successful people, in the crowd, according to the brightness, there are many …

What makes a person successful and extraordinary? It can take on a combination of traits and traits such as sharp mind, good luck, charisma and leadership qualities, attractive looks and the ability to perceive the world in the eyes of teasing. But we can not ignore the fact that there are common characteristics that help to find successful people in a crowd .. According to Prideside, there are many unusual and unexpected features that unite the most famous successful people in the world .. We will learn about them in this article.

Exceptional personality traits and habits

Features that make a successful person stand out in the crowd
A successful person stands alone in the crowd

They will often say “no”

When it comes to success, it is important to control your time; Even if you seem to be fooling people; Billionaire Warren Buffett once said, “The difference between the most successful people and the most successful people is that the most successful people say‘ no ’to everything; When you say yes to everything, you can ruin your reputation by engaging in too many responsibilities and failing to fulfill any of them.

They do not sleep normally

The finest people often have an unusual sleep schedule; For example, the inventor and physicist Nicola Tesla did not sleep more than two hours a day, Leonardo da Vinci slept for about 20 minutes, then worked 4 hours, then the cycle was repeated, Albert Einstein wanted to sleep 10 hours or more regular sleep.

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It is difficult to say whether these habits affected their genius, but research shows that by nature 8 hours of straight sleep is not planned.

They use extraordinary tricks to increase productivity

Some notables have done some weird things to attract attention. Billionaire Bill Gates, for example, wants to shake his chair during stress, while conductor and composer Igor Stravinsky stands head over heels each time. , And there is more; German poet Friedrich Schiller kept rotten apples on his desk shelf for his “inspiring” scent, and writer Jonathan Fransson put on noise-canceling headphones, sat blindfolded, and turned off the internet.

They write everything

Contemporary businessman Richard Branson and billionaire Aristotle Onassis both agree that a notebook should be in hand, and Branson has repeatedly stated that his company Virgin could not have earned $ 16.6 billion in 2018 without a notebook. He carries it with him everywhere, while Onassis says: “I always carry a notebook and write everything down. When I have the idea to write it down, this is a multi-million dollar lesson they never taught you in business school!”

They do weird exercises

Physical activity is important for maintaining a clear mind and well-being, but some successful individuals put more effort into devising ways to exercise. Let’s start with a simple example: Apple’s Tim Cook got up at 4am to go to the gym before work, while Simon Cowell, a British business representative, had unusual exercises; He climbed trees every day, while playwright Oscar Wilde usually walked out with crabs.

They rarely hold personal business meetings

When asked if he could give good advice to budding entrepreneurs, the famous billionaire Mark Cuban replied, “No meetings or phone calls unless I get a check.” In his view, meetings steal our time. In most cases not only do people arrive late for their appointments, but the amount of topics discussed can be very time consuming; If you still need to hold meetings; It should be as short as possible.

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They like certain foods

When eating out, successful people admit that they have strange eating habits. Steve Jobs, the great entrepreneur and founder of Apple, eats the same foods, i.e. carrots or apples, on a weekly basis. His strict vegetarian diet, he believed, allowed his body to stay clean for a long time; It is enough to take a bath once a week. However, experts believe that such a diet can be detrimental to one’s health.

American writer Stephen King likes to eat a piece of cheese before he starts his writing activities, and does not eat any seafood like oysters.

Appearance features

Features that make a successful person stand out in the crowd
Do strange exercises

Wear glasses

It is a proven fact to say that there is a relationship between wearing glasses and IQ levels. Believe it or not, glass wearers are less likely to participate in active sports such as reading a book while staying at home, and book lovers will choose glasses instead of contact lenses; Because the latter require frequent replacement and thorough care; Also, intellectuals are not ashamed to wear glasses.

They choose the same clothes

We have seen many who have achieved great success, not wanting to wear trendy clothes from head to toe; The interest in fashion requires extra time and distractions to avoid, and you may have to spend time in daily routines to put your look together, for example: Mark Zuckerberg is famous for his love of gray shirt .. Steve Jobs is famous for wearing black long sleeves with jeans and sneakers, meanwhile the American entrepreneur Leading marketing theorist Seth Coddin wants to stand out a bit, which is why he always wears shiny socks and proves that one should not be afraid to get out of their way.

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In the last few hours, the Saudi singer performed Rasht Elmajid and an Iraqi singer Walid al-ShamiA duet for “Your Head Up” at the 93rd Saudi National Day Celebration.
The song was written by Kaws, composed by Noor El Jean and composed by Cyrus.

Learn the lyrics to “Your Head’s Up”.

The lyrics of the song “Up Your Head” say: “Your dear name, your high reputation, I can think you’re a blessing to the Governor, above, above and beyond.. Oh, who cares not to look down.. Saudi will not notice.. Summit. To the end he has climbed.. No one is like him, his stars are my mountains.. My sister and my brother.. They are all like me.. Oh, after my life, you see we attack people like me. Reach me.. Keep your head up, Up, up.. the length of eternity up, above all life.. O abode of noble and righteous deeds.. And, pure nation.. evangelize, through God, with a promise.. We all, girl and boy, give you permission dear. ” .

Notably, last August, Saudi artist Rashid Al Majeed released his latest song, written by Sheikh Nasser bin Hamad Al Khalifa and composed by Ahmad Al Harmi and music producer Cyrus. Artist Rashid Al Majeed promoted his new song “Absent” via his official Instagram account. “By releasing the video clip of the song, many of his followers and fans started talking about the video clip.
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You can follow the latest news about the stars via Twitter. “Madame Art.”

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Emma Watson enrolled at Oxford University under “special guard”.



Emma Watson enrolled at Oxford University under “special guard”.

British actress Emma Watson (Archive)

Saturday 23 September 2023 / 17:44

Four years after her last acting role, “Harry Potter” star Emma Watson is preparing to study “the art of creative writing” part-time at Oxford University.

She was last seen on screen in 2019’s Little Women

The newspaper quoted “Daily MailA source close to British actress Emma Watson (33 years old) said that she is excited to return to university studies, which will be extended over two years, divided between compulsory attendance at the university and remote lectures.

According to the official website of the university WebsiteThe course costs around $24,000 over two years and consists of two orientation stages, followed by a research placement, at the end of which you will receive a certificate specializing in creative writing.

surrounded by a guard

Sources indicated that Watson would have to be at the university an average of 6 times a year, she would be able to cover the rest of her studies and since she is a Hollywood actress, she would have a work crew. To take care of her. According to the newspaper, the university staff was informed that the actress would attend classes with a small security team for her protection.

Watson’s media office declined to comment on the veracity of reports about her joining the university, insisting it respond to the newspaper’s inquiry with a “no comment.”

Latest creations and latest looks

The 33-year-old actress, best known for her role as Hermione Granger in the Harry Potter film series, last appeared on screen in 2019’s Little Women directed by Barbie’s Greta Gerwig, based on the 1868 novel of the same name. Famous American writer Louisa May Alcott.

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Emma’s most recent appearance was during Fashion Week in the Italian city of Milan, where she drew attention for her elegant looks and her appearance with two men. Entering her dressing room.

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From Najad Makki to Al-Bayan: Art is a story of passion and innovation that never stops



From Najad Makki to Al-Bayan: Art is a story of passion and innovation that never stops

Artist Najad Maki is a pioneering figure in the Emirati art community. His insight into the fundamental relationship between color and the memories associated with certain places has greatly influenced the depth and diversity of his artistic expressions. He was recently awarded the Knight of the Order of Arts. and Ayesha Alabar Gallery in her second solo exhibition, “Spectres.” Letters of the French Government during the Musket. In his new works for this exhibition, Najad Maki layers layers of colors on top of each other in an attempt to create intense sensory experiences. In her paintings.

This is by challenging the current limitations of color’s impact on our different senses. The artist’s recent works created using fabric include contemporary interpretations and modifications of the dots and paisley designs that usually adorn traditional fabrics. This exhibition is a testament to artist Najad Maki’s bold and innovative approach, whereby he continues to push the boundaries of his practice by exploring new techniques and artistic means.


“Al-Bayan” Dr. Najad Maki met with him about receiving the French Order of Knight in Arts and Letters and said: This honor is very important to me because I am honored by a country in Arts and Letters. Centuries of creativity, it gives great impetus to creativity and I am proud to be from the Emirates. He received this medal, which is one of the most prestigious honors that artists receive.

This confirms that I have represented my country honorably in many international forums and supports my presence in presenting my country as an advanced country in the field of arts and creativity and as a woman with a creative stamp. Najad Maki affirmed that art is always a story of passion and innovation. About his latest exhibition, he said: “Spectres of Musk” exhibition evokes memory.

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There are many situations that we interact with, which have an impact on us. In the works in the exhibition, I combined elements into multi-layered units through color and formal relationships. I also used apartments for the first time in this exhibition. Women’s cloths in particular were preferred by women in the past, and were cloths with names, such as “Al-Zari” and “Al-Maisa” and like a surface for artistic work.

Through this surface, the composition of the work is built on it, and it is a new structure in the form of the work of art or in the general environment. Also, a new direction in how the work uses decorations and symbols. Lines and colors together, if the decorations provide a special privacy among them, thus giving an impression.

This is what happens in the conversations, the exchange of stories when women gather, and another look at the dots, lines, colors and spaces in their composition. They were used as I had in mind. Unusual names were given. Works of art, and the temporal meaning of composition is linked to works of art such as paintings of the four seasons, where I combine the presence and feeling of a woman and the beauty of her clothing. She has an existence, but in a different way.

Creative economy

Dr. Najad stressed that art fairs play a major role in supporting the creative economic movement in Dubai and the country in general by presenting modern ideas. ideas.

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