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Toxic relationships threaten mental and emotional health

Toxic relationships threaten mental and emotional health

To explain Elizabeth Scott The culprits of these toxic relationships may be mental illnesses such as bipolar disorder, major depression or narcissism, while people exposed to toxic relationships are more sensitive to negative emotions.

Symptoms of a toxic relationship
Dr. According to Elizabeth Scott, relationships involving physical or verbal abuse are certainly classified as toxic, but there are other, more subtle signs of a toxic relationship.
Feelings such as weakness, fatigue and instability of self-confidence.
Constant feeling of disrespect, and a person’s needs are not being met.
A sense of alertness for a sudden attack.
Feeling depressed, angry or tired after being with a toxic person.
Make a great effort to please and make other people happy.
Feeding negative emotions such as cruelty, hatred, resentment and pain.

How to deal with toxic behavior?

Los Angeles couples expert Barry Susskind recommends starting to identify behaviors that cause emotional abuse, such as cheating or creating drama or conflict. Dr. Suskint offers helpful tips to eliminate “toxicity” in any kind of relationship:

Do not be fooled by their reality

People in a toxic relationship see themselves as a victim in every situation, and they blame someone else if they make a mistake. Silence, or support for their vision, may seem like a safe option to avoid anger or conflict; But it makes the listener a constant partner in their struggles.

Even if the conflict bothers them and provokes their aggression, it will be useful to minimize the attempt to involve the other party in their disputes.

Focus on how you feel

Some say rude things; But do insults, lies, or emotional and verbal abuse dominate our dealings with them? Whatever the reasons for personal conflicts, they do not justify abuse and we do not have to accept it.

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Talk to them about their behavior

Individuals who deal with others or create tragic situations often do not realize how their behavior affects others.

Realize that an open conversation makes their behavior unacceptable, keep things neutral, and stick with the “I” that feels less accusatory. Say “no” and exit.

Rejection can be hard to grasp, especially when someone tries to make us feel guilty, to humble ourselves and change our mind.

But if we decide “no”, we don’t have to take it back, and the more we practice saying “no” to things that are not comfortable for us, the easier it becomes.

Remember that you are not wrong

Toxic people accuse their mistresses of being unjust, abusive, or not paying attention to their needs.

This prompts the accused to defend themselves. Instead of this emotional behavior, you can simply respond, “I’m sorry you felt that way.”

– Make yourself unavailable

Reducing the amount of time we spend with people who behave toxic is a great way to prevent them from trying to drain our emotional resources.

Boundaries are necessary to protect yourself

It is difficult to express oneself without being affected by negative and aggressive opinions, so we need to redesign personal boundaries, define what we want, what is not allowed or tolerated, and then express these boundaries very clearly. they.

– be quiet
It is very important to focus on health during a toxic relationship, so breathing slowly and deeply when feeling tight, relaxing instead of tightening the muscles, can be helpful in distracting from anger and negative emotions.

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