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Tronsmart Halo 100 Review: Are you ready to party?



It is an eye-catching Bluetooth speaker that has incredible power that will grab their attention with its sound clarity and stunning lighting.

Transsmart is no stranger to us at Sky News HQ. It is a well-established institution Chinese manufacturer He made a name for himself by making better speakers at lower prices than other competitors. The Transsmart Halo 100 This is one of those speakers that packs enough power inside for twice the price. But she didn’t This is what everyone wants in the end.

It’s a well-built device, standing upright with three lighted rings surrounding the woofer and midrange drivers. However, when you turn it on, things start to change. The Halo 100 is packed with decent specs: a theoretical 18 hours of battery life, a 3-way stereo system, 60 watts of total amp power, and a hybrid driver — which is what makes partygoers actually want to see the Halo. 100’s capabilities. In real-life situations at the beach.

model Halo 100
Color Black
Bluetooth version 5.3
Bluetooth range Up to 15 m / 49 ft (open area)
power input 5V/2A, via Type-C port
Energy production 60 watts
Microphone Perfect
Electronic Identification Number status IPX6
Playback time (varies by volume and audio content) Up to 18 hours (varies depending on lighting conditions)
Dispatch time 5.5 hours
Frequency range 40 Hz – 20 kHz
Game modes Bluetooth
U disk
TF card
Voice assistant Siri support. Google Assistant, Cortana etc
Other facilities Custom equalizer with Tronsmart app
5 light effects
Stereo connection
Dual sound modes
Product size 287 x 198 x 150mm / 11.3 x 7.8 x 5.9in
Product weight 2.72 kg / 6.0 lbs
Package Dimensions 328 x 254 x 204mm / 12.91 x 10 x 8.03in
Bag weight, cargo weight 3.2 kg / 7.05 lbs
Contents of package 1 x Halo 100 Portable Party Speaker
Aux-in cable
Type C cable
SoundPulse® card
User manual
Warranty card

You can buy the Halo 100 from Amazon US

You can buy the Halo 100 from Amazon UK

Transsmart Halo 100: Solid and ready to go

Despite its dimensions of 198 x 150 x 287 mm (WDH), the Tronsmart Halo 100 weighs only 2.72 kg, which is slightly lighter than the Tronsmart Bang. It has a black plastic case, a metal grill and a rubber touch surface on top. There’s a faux leather strap at the top, and the main package houses a USB-A-to-USB-C charging cable and a 3.5mm to 3.5mm aux cable. Tronsmart Halo 100 Review: Are you ready to party?

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When you first look at the Halo 100’s speaker configuration, we can easily spot two mid-woofers (top) and a large tweeter (bottom). A smaller, less visible tweeter is also located above the “eyes”, while a 5.6-inch passive radiator hides behind the “mouth”. Transsmart Halo 100

In terms of technology, the Halo 100 has a 1.22-inch woofer, 2.09-inch midrange tweeters, a 4.53-inch tweeter, and a 5.6-inch passive radiator. It can easily deliver up to 60 watts of power and has a frequency range of 40Hz to 20kHz! Great volume from a speaker at this price.

Take it to the beach!

For those looking to take it to the beach, you’ll be happy to know that it has an IPX6 water-resistance rating, so it’s safe to use outside near a lake or pool, but the company doesn’t rate its dust resistance.

As the maximum input power is 5V/2A via USB-C input, a full charge takes 5.5 hours. You can also use the Halo 100 as a phone charger because it has a USB-A port. Tronsmart Halo 100 Review: Are you ready to party?

For those of you who want more fun and partying under the moonlight – at sea, you can! If you have two Halo 100 speakers, you can create a stereo pair and double the sound power (and quality!). If you don’t want to use Bluetooth, you can connect any other audio source via the 3.5mm cable. There’s also the option of loading your music onto a USB flash drive or microSD card and playing it through slots on the back of the unit. Also note that this option will increase battery life – since we’re not using Bluetooth.

Transsmart Halo 100 controls

On the top of the Halo 100 is a small “control panel” that includes a power button, a low battery indicator, a play/pause button, and volume control buttons. There are also buttons to cycle through light show options and input modes. As mentioned earlier, you can pair it with another Halo 100 via the stereo pairing button.

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There is a cool feature that allows you to switch between sources by pressing the mode button. Doing so lets you quickly switch between Bluetooth, TF/SD card, USB-A drive and AUX-in modes, and having such a wide range of playback options is very welcome.

Inside is a dedicated digital signal processing feature called SoundPulse, which can be activated from the control panel. This setting amplifies the punch at low frequencies without creating distortion in the upper registers. I found myself playing SoundPulse for hours.

Another great feature of the Halo 100 is that when you connect it to two devices at the same time via Bluetooth, it will automatically switch to the device playing the audio, which is a nice touch given that Bluetooth is the primary form of communication for most people.

Transsmart Halo 100

Bluetooth and more

I have to admit that this speaker has a lot of options. It all takes a while to get used to, but it’s definitely worth it. The M´ key indicates source selection, AUX is the priority input when such a signal is present. Lighting control and balance can be activated using clear keys. Control playback, voice assistant and answer phone calls, however, to master Halo 100, you’ll need to memorize a variety of double taps, long taps, and short taps.

Music playback is available via Bluetooth 5.3, analog aux input, microSD slot or USB storage. The latter USB-A also offers powerbank functionality and operates independently of USB-C, as power must be connected.

I admit I was impressed. This is a very versatile concept, especially since it allows for multiple hosting when connecting two Bluetooth sources at the same time!

Tronsmart Halo 100 Review: Are you ready to party?

Transsmart Mobile App

Transsmart has an app for iOS and Android that you can use to play, pause, skip tracks, and adjust volume. The app also shows the speaker’s battery level, makes it easy to install firmware updates, and read the speaker’s user guide. In addition to the Default and SoundPulse options available in the Speaker Control Panel, it offers Deep Bass, Classical, Rock and Customize options.

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Tronsmart Halo 100 Review: Are you ready to party?

The control panel provides access to the inputs, and lets you activate stereo pairing mode or turn off the speaker without being next to it. You can choose between lighting modes and find their funny names: Ballet, Party, City of Phantoms, Carousel, Starry Night and Off.

The three additional presets aren’t as inspiring as the EQ presets you’ll find on every other Bluetooth speaker. The only real decision is between SoundPulse and no SoundPulse. If you insist on creating a custom EQ system, you won’t be able to save multiple versions of your work.

Tronsmart Halo 100 Review: Are you ready to party?


According to the manufacturer, the TransSmart Halo 100 is a “portable party speaker” and I happily agree. It’s aimed at beach parties (or any kind of party), with a heavy emphasis on sound – power and low critical quality. Always remember to adjust the built-in SoundPulse DSP to enjoy the best sound!

It is an eye-catching Bluetooth speaker that has incredible power that will grab their attention with its sound clarity and stunning lighting. I loved the high level of control and customization it offered with the easy ‘Play – Connect’ feature! Add in the power bank’s capacity and good waterproof certification, and you’ve got a real party starter on your hands!


  • Rich and deep bass
  • Strong for its size
  • Nice and easy to use controls
  • Naturally balanced sound
  • Strong belt


  • Unimpressive battery life
  • You can hear an audible noise while skipping tracks

You can buy the Halo 100 from Amazon US

You can buy the Halo 100 from Amazon UK

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