April 1, 2023

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Trump attacked Pitton: US – economist – I caused the greatest insult to the world economy

Former US President Donald Trump has launched an attack on President Joe Biden’s handling of the withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan, which he described as the “greatest foreign policy insult” the United States has ever faced.

Trump, a Republican, has repeatedly blamed Democrat Biden for the fall of Afghanistan, and the US withdrawal that led to the collapse was negotiated before his administration took office.

“Biden’s defeat from Afghanistan shows the inefficiency of a president,” Trump said at a rally of his supporters near Coleman, Alabama.

Taliban leaders are seeking to form a new government after withdrawing US-led forces 20 years after the collapse of a pro-Western government and military and attacking their forces across Afghanistan.

For his part, Biden criticized the Afghan military for refusing to fight, condemned the now-ousted Afghan government, and announced that he had received a bad withdrawal deal from Trump.

In his speech to the crowd, Trump blamed Biden for not following the plan brought by his administration and regretted the U.S. personnel and equipment that had been left behind in the withdrawal of troops.

“This is not a withdrawal. It is a complete surrender,” he said.

Trump added that the Taliban he negotiated with respected him. He pointed out that a quick capture of Afghanistan would not have happened if he had still been president.

“We could have come out with dignity,” Trump said. “We should have come out with dignity, instead we came out completely opposite to dignity.”


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