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Trump’s social platform is being destroyed


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The launch of the true social site; Radio Monte Carlo says that Donald Trump’s social platform stumbles on February 21, 2022, and that it still stumbles and seems to have failed.

Problems pile up; Technical issues, copyright issues and most importantly the audience shortage problem, there was no one on Donald Trump’s platform, not even Donald Trump, he did not post any content on his platform for several weeks; Because he believes the platform is “not ready for seriousness”, according to the Washington Post, the former president reportedly was angry at his failure to launch his platform.

Almost a month after the launch of True Social Platform, including the resignations of Chief Technical Officer Josh Adams and Chief Product Development Officer Billy Bowser from Trump Media & Technology Group.

As promised by Trump Media and Technology Group CEO Devin Nunes, the true social platform was supposed to be available to everyone by the end of March 2022, and we are entering April 2022 without any sign of a serious social platform.

Truth Social, proposed by Donald Trump as an alternative to the “tyranny of big technology,” today is a failed social platform that has yet to take off.

It got off to a good start. In the first week of its launch in the Apple App Store, the operating system app recorded over 170,000 downloads a day, but since then technical issues, user error messages and complicated recording processes have been accumulating. .

In addition to the controversy over the logo of the Truth Social Processor, it remains the same as it has been used since 2019, with British green energy company Trailer launching legal advice to protect its brand.

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Trump Media and Technology Group, the founder of the open source social networking site Mastodon, which is an alternative to Twitter, has been warned legally to copy Mastodon’s source code.

Currently the Truth Social platform has more than half a million users, has no access to the operating system outside the United States, is not available for use on Android phones or browsers, and is inaccessible even to iPhone users in the United States.

According to Forbes, rumors are circulating on Wall Street that Trump may be using the Gettr site, started by his former adviser Jason Miller.

It seems that Donald Trump’s name is not enough to make his platform possible in an environment full of social media.

Although Trump Media and Technology Group owns about $ 1.25 billion, it does not help to compete in the specialized social media marketplace, or Niche Market, which is aimed at hard conservatives such as Getter, both on the parlor and on Gab, which is easily accessible and usable on various digital platforms.


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