June 5, 2023

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سهام جلال

Siham Jalal: I’m sorry to hear that Aamir Kareena asked for a role News

The artist, Siham Jalal, contacted the artist Amir Carrara and expressed his regret for asking for his help in getting a share in a work of art.

Siham Jalal said while hosting the “Kalam Al-Nass” show hosted by Media Yasmin Eze in MBC Egypt: If an artist reaches the level of contacting a colleague for something, he should consider it. A lot before taking this step, and if he loves him, he should obey his call or not answer.

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And he added: Amir, my friend, has been around for many years and there is no situation or friction between us, but I know him well, and when I asked him to help me, he said, “My eyes, Soso,” and then he My call was not answered, so it was an unpleasant movement.

And she continued: These situations need not be criticized, because work is ultimately a livelihood, but I regret my contact with him, because I’m very fond of him, and I have only acted this way from 3 people, I do. Do not instruct any colleague in this matter.

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Siham Jalal commented on the director Peter Mimi’s picture shown through the show: I would love to work with him even on one scene because he is a great director and has a different vision and he can extract things. An actor who cannot be picked up by other directors.

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It is noteworthy that Amir Carrara runs the Ramadan race through the series “The Returns” which highlights the dangers of those returning from caves and areas designed as safe havens for terrorism, whose events are true from the files of the Egyptian General. Intelligence, and took place between 2018 and 2020.


The series is produced by United Media Services and MediaHub – Saadi Kohar, written by Baher Tovidar and directed by Ahmed Nader Jalal, and stars Aamir Carrara, Amina Khalil, Mahmoud Abdel-Mukni and Mohammad Farraj. , Jihan Khalil, Islam Jamal, Mohamed Eis, Hajar Al-Sharnoubi, Mido Adel, Sabri Abdel Monim and many more stars who appeared as guests of honor, including Arab stars Al-Ahmad and Junaid, including Muhammad Mamtooh, Honey Ramzi, Ahmed.

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