May 28, 2023

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Tucker Carlson receives an offer from a Russian channel

After Trump’s favorite broadcaster was fired from “Fox News.”

Wednesday – 6 Shawwal 1444 AH – 26 April 2023 CE Issue no. [16220]

Washington: Rana Apter

Hours after the decision to fire Fox News anchor Tucker Carlson, Russia Today received a job offer and an open invitation to come to Russia.
One of the station’s most prominent commentators, Vladimir Solov, said: “We are happy to offer you a job to continue as a broadcaster and presenter! You are always welcome in Russia and Moscow and we wish you good luck.
Soloyev called on Carlson to run for the presidency of the United States in an email: “We applaud and support you at every step of your decision whether to run for the presidency of the United States (which you should do) or start an independent media project.”
The “Fox News” network announced it was ousting former President Donald Trump’s favorite broadcaster, Carlson, despite his weekly show’s high viewership of 334,000 viewers last week, which doubled the viewership of rival stations. CNN” and MSNBC.
Immediately after the decision was announced, the station’s stock fell 5 percent, losing more than $500 million in market value.
The decision to fire Fox came after Carlson put it in a critical judicial position, culminating in a “libel” lawsuit accusing Dominion of defamation by advertising its voting machines as rigged in the 2020 presidential election. And shifted millions of votes from Trump to Biden.

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