May 27, 2022

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Tuesday meets Saturn in the Qatari sky tomorrow morning

Tuesday meets Saturn in the Qatari sky tomorrow morning

The Qatar Calendar House has announced that the Red Planet (Mars) will meet the planet with magnificent rings (Saturn) in the skies of the State of Qatar and the Arab region tomorrow, the day after tomorrow / next Tuesday. April 5, 2022 AD 1443 Hijri Ramadan IV. The angular distance between them is less than about half a degree.
Dr Bashir Marzouk, an astronomer at the Qatar Calendar House, said residents of the Arab region, including those in Qatar, could see and observe both Mars and Saturn together in the morning sky. Use the naked eye or astronomical instruments toward the eastern horizon after sunrise on both Tuesdays and Saturdays in the Qatar sky at 2:49 am Doha local time, and before sunrise at 5:22 am Doha time on Tuesday.
The astronomer explained that the significance of this astronomical event was that it was a good opportunity to see, observe and photograph both the planets Mars and Saturn together at the closest point on the side of the sky. The accuracy of astronomical calculations in calculating the orbits of celestial bodies, especially the motion of the planets in the solar system, is an amateur astronomical guide in Qatar and the Arab region. Bodies that can be observed every night in the skies of the Arab region and the state of Qatar.
Marzouk pointed out that Mars reaches its closest point to Saturn once every two years, with Mars previously reaching its closest point on 31 March 2020, while the next time Mars reaches its closest point on Thursday, April 11th is Thursday. 2024
It is the second largest planet in the Solar System, about 10 times the diameter of Earth, and is notable for being a gas giant. In approximately 687 days there is a complete revolution around the sun (the length of the year on Mars), and two moons orbiting it: Phobos and Timos.

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