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Swiantic..the hard-working student is number one in tennis

Swiantic..the hard-working student is number one in tennis

Miami Airport (AFP)
Ega Shviontik has matured enough. After the surprising pursuit of Rafael Nadal, a sensible young man interested in hard rock music, the tragic Roland Crosby 2020 match by the corona virus became an inspiration that brought him to the top of the world tennis rankings.
Under the influence of the song “Welcome to the Jungle” written by Johns N. Roses through headphones, Poland began its participation in the main competition venues during the Roland Cross 2017 in Paris, which eventually became “Pink Floyd”. There is no one to admire her. Although she lifted the trophy without losing a single set in seven matches, she became the first Polish woman to win the trophy and the youngest Susan Lenlen after the American Monica Seles in 1992.
On Saturday, under the Florida sun, 48 hours earlier, fans had come to follow the Parisian scene, following in the footsteps of a twenty-year-old young man in the Miami 1000 with a massive 6-4 6-0 victory over Naomi Osaka of Japan. She has officially topped the WTA women’s tennis rankings.
He became the fourth player in history to win the Indian Wells-Miami doubles, known as the “Sunshine Double”, in two matches in California and Miami, respectively, after German Steffi Graf (1994 and 1996), respectively. , Belgian Kim Clijsters (2005) and Belarusian Victoria Azarenka (2016).
On Australian soil, Svyantech played its first major tournament in 2019, when he advanced to the second round. A few months later, he did not last more than 45 minutes against Romania’s Simona Halep in her first match at Roland Garros.
He honed his skills in 2020, reached the final price in Melbourne, advanced to the third round at Flushing Meadows and the top 20 at Roland Crosby, beating players like Osaka, Halep, Wozniacki and Wekik.
Another significant change made in 2019 by the hard-working student who graduated in 2020, changed his coach.
His former coach Pyotr Chertspudovsky explained: Tennis was not the main focus of his life. This is difficult. Imagine: I had to arrange her exercises at seven in the morning because after that she had to go to school. She was coming in tired of having to study in the evening.
But the case is no different from the past, with the hard-working Polish woman now being hired by a psychiatrist to help prepare for the competition. “It made me smarter,” he explained in 2020. Thanks to her, my self-confidence increased.
He adds: Mental strength is especially important. Among the elite players, everyone can play well, but the best are the ones with mental strength. Words that reflect the psychological stress experienced by players such as Osaka, Svitolina or Azarenka who suffer from tremendous psychological stress.
Coach Chertspudovsky says Svyontik is a “competing monster”: when she enters the field, she is ready for everything. She is hungry for success knowing that she will end her relationship with him by the end of 2021.
Born in the capital Warsaw, Svyontik came into the world of tennis when he wanted to beat his older sister. He received his competitive spirit from Thomas, a former rower who competed with the Polish team in the four-time boat race at the 1988 Seoul Olympics.
He won his first official tournament title after qualifying from the qualifying rounds in Stockholm in 2016. Two years later, after several months away from tennis due to a serious ankle injury, she won the Women’s Singles Trophy at Wimbledon.
After winning three consecutive WTA titles this year in Doha, Indian Wells and Miami, Swyntech is ranked No. 1 in the world.

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