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Tunisian rap star Khali Amdavuni has become a multi-colored clothing brand

Tunisian rap star Khali Amdavuni has become a multi-colored clothing brand

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MILAN (AFP) – Italian clothing company Benetton, which has been in decline in recent years, is working with renewed presence in Milan to launch a limited collection focusing on “multiculturalism” centered on rap star Gali Amtavuni. .
This collection of multi-colored streets bears the signature of the Italian singer, who was born to Tunisian parents in Milan and is known as the “United Colors of Ghali” (“United Colors of Ghali”), reminiscent of a promotional slogan that contributed to Benetton’s widespread success. Demonstrates a mix of 1980s and cultures.
Massimo Renan, who was appointed Benetton’s general manager in March 2020, on the sidelines of the announcement of a partnership with Rapper, said the goal was to bring the brand “strong” to “international gateways and markets.”
In 2020, the Benetton Group suffered a net loss of $ 329.4 million due to the impact of the Govt-19 epidemic, after first experiencing a negative result of $ 161.8 million in 2019.
Founded in 1965 by four brothers and sisters in northeastern Italy, the group was initially known for its soft, multi-colored sweaters.
Between 1982 and 2000 the success of the “United Colors of Benetton” expanded worldwide as a result of stunning advertising campaigns by photographer Oliviero Toscani. But the brand then went through some very difficult stages.
Even Luciano Bennett, now 86, announced at the end of 2017 that he would return to the position of head of the company to look for its progress again. The company hopes to attract younger customers through its collaboration with millions of followers on social networks and has previously collaborated with the luxury fashion house stick in a series of short films. “I wanted to create costumes that would reflect my generation, at a point when the music was discontinued,” the 28-year-old rapper said when he presented his collection.
The assortment includes embroidered baseball caps, cotton jackets and oversized T-shirts, built-in nylon bags, and a purple, red or black veil.

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