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Sikka Homes showcases virtual reality travel, metawares and Gulf art


Organized by the Dubai Culture and the Arts Commission “Dubai Culture”, the Sikka Arts and Design Festival 2022 will feature unique art experiences in the homes of the historic Al Fahidi neighborhood. The power of technology, designing their own virtual environments and establishing interactive spaces for experimenting with artwork at different levels, and exploring the world of metawares and the art worlds of Gulf House.

House 12, which is part of “Fight Chica 2022”, offers a unique virtual space and is part of Dubai Culture’s Metaverse project created in collaboration with US startup RHD. The world.

The high-engineering digital space features works of art by local and international artists.

House 12 also includes an exhibition for the “Iris” Art Agency, which showcases the work of a group of artists, including Emirati Aisha Zuma and artist Zuma Al Haj.

House celebrates 28 outstanding works of art; Individuals and reviewed by cultural institutions. It takes its speakers to worlds where they explore design patterns in virtual space and explore the inward psyche of man in depth.

Ascension’s work, meanwhile, allows artist Ayat Dirham (Dominica) to experience a virtual reality that addresses three human emotions at different stages of human life. Artist Naya Aslan’s (Syria) virtual space “roof” takes the recipient into an extraordinary sense study, while artist Reem Tawfiq (Egypt)’s “loneliness” exhibition explores the senses of touch, hearing and sight.

In his project “Unconscious”, artist Georges Kashami (Lebanon) uses a unique technique called “Surreal Automation” to create a collection of more than 100 pieces. The work offers three different versions: physical, digital and virtual; Designed for the physics version, the selected original individual pieces were created in a tactile manner. The digital version shows how this is done on a 2D digital tablet, which is displayed on the screen with a printed copy of 48 pieces to create artwork (3x3m) on canvas. The virtual version provides an in-depth experience of the artwork using virtual reality systems, allowing viewers to experience the work for themselves.

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This version of Chica features the opening of the 2022 Metawares Final in House 28; It aims to integrate NFT and blockchain technology and become closer to the technology community around the world. The exhibition is designed as one of the largest virtual art exhibitions, allowing visitors to move instantly and smoothly from one hall to another, including 101 galleries linked to remote communication portals.

By disseminating the concept of art galleries, the 2022 metawars final will have a significant impact on the arts and culture sector. This change will be reflected in the diversification of the industry by making art available in a positive and inspiring environment.

Omar Al Gurg (UAE)’s installation “Swalif-Modo” is a reflection of the spaces in traditional Emirati homes, inviting guests to sit and chat on the spacious balcony of the house. Guests can then go to the living room, which has a small seat in front of a color display, with each color representing a different topic, and then the bedroom, which is the most unique part of the house.

Artist Hammoud al-Muqbali (Sultan of Oman) in his installation work “Shaving Corner” was one of the events that brought about a change for the youth, especially at the beginning of the crisis. Closed barber shops, which prompted them to master haircuts in their homes, where the results differed between success and failure. This work allows the audience to go back to that period in an artistic way so that they can relive the experience and live a completely different way, living the experience of the world without contagion.

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House 11

This year’s edition of “Sikka” celebrates the Gulf artists at House 11, which showcases the work of a group of creative Gulf artists in its exhibition “Before Departure”. It is a group exhibition of the Gulf Art Museum, managed by Emirati artist Somaya al-Zuidi, and includes works by five solo artists from the Gulf Cooperation Council countries and the Emirati Art Initiative. The exhibition depicts the experiences of artists during epidemics, illustrating the positive human qualities they want to add to the new page, life after epidemics.

Laugh and laugh

The World for You, the joint artwork idea of ​​two artists, Iman Al-Madba and Hessa Al-Ali (UAE), “Laugh, the World Laughs for You,” focuses on the light at the end of the tunnel. The room reflects the ideas that came to the minds of many of us during epidemics with their negatives and positives. However, the past two years have shown us that no matter what events we see in the news or experiences in our personal lives, it is important to always focus on the positive side of things. Therefore, open spaces were used in the walls to emphasize this perspective.

Best days

Ahmed al-Rifai’s print collection Better Days, which explores and highlights the novel Corona virus infection through a dynamic approach; Some photographed this period in which they found themselves, while others used it as an opportunity to create a better future for themselves. Ahmed Al-Mahri, an Emirati artist, portrays the Mona Lisa in his work “Life is better after (Covid-19)”, wearing a mask and being part of a corona infection.

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