April 1, 2023

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The Ministry of Health is moving to take urgent action to end the "stain" of mental illness

The Ministry of Health is moving to take urgent action to end the “stain” of mental illness

A recently approved parliamentary report by the Federal National Council said the Ministry of Health and Social Security is moving to implement urgent measures to end the so-called “social stigma” in the treatment of mental illness in the country. Psychiatric patients in public hospitals.

The report looked at several social studies, which concluded that 72% of the reasons for the spread of the “stigma” of mental illness were that the community did not understand the nature of mental illness and failed to differentiate between mental illnesses. Sick and those with other diseases in treatment, behavior and social perspective.

In detail, the Ministry of Health and Social Security has launched a set of policies and initiatives on “improving mental health in the country” with the aim of improving mental health services and elevating them globally according to effective organization. Collaborates with relevant authorities to provide comprehensive “preventive, curative and rehabilitative” psychological services. And its application at all levels of health care through specific mechanisms compatible with the global action plan in the field of mental health. World Health Organization (2013-2031) years

The report, copied by Emirates Today, confirms that the ministry has adopted five key approaches to its plan to improve mental health in the country, including “enhancing and enhancing the performance of leadership features in the field of mental health, and strengthening and expanding the range of comprehensive, integrated and responsive mental health services for prevention.” Finally, conduct mental health research aimed at enhancing capabilities, improving information systems, data collection, utilization and implementation, and enhancing its services.

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The report reveals that the National Policy for the Advancement of Mental Health faces many challenges, the most important of which is the phenomenon of “social stigma for mental illness”, which points to a number of studies on the causes. Because of their reluctance to seek psychotherapy, 73% of members of the Gulf community conclude that these causes include shame and humiliation from the community and those around them, while other studies have found that 72% of the reasons for the “stigma” of mental illness are the so-called “discriminatory dimension”. The patient’s perception that people do not understand the nature of these diseases, then distinguishes between the mentally ill and others. Diseases in treatment, behavior and social perspective.

The report points out that the social stigma of psychiatrists is increasing and that some of them avoid receiving treatment and others delay receiving treatment, while the negative social view of the beneficiaries of psychological services leads to discrimination in various fields, including work and education. And delays their integration into the community.

The report reveals the guidance of the government, represented by the Ministry of Health and Social Security, to implement four comprehensive measures to end the phenomenon of “social stigma”. Disorders, then providing beds for the mentally ill in public hospitals, mitigating social stigma and strengthening volunteer work, collaborating with the Emirates Volunteer Base to provide support to the mentally ill, and finally setting up school programs to prevent these diseases, life skills, abuse and abuse of development programs and bullying And early detection and intervention programs for children with psychological or behavioral disorders.

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The report calls for the preparation of scientific studies that rely on psychological and social support programs to reduce social stigma, raise awareness of the nature of mental illness, and improve community outlook.

He called for intensifying awareness programs on how to prevent mental disorders, especially in childhood and adolescence, the importance of early intervention to improve mental health and stigma, and to involve psychologists in preventing mental disorders. Department of Psychological Counseling, and preparation of training programs for the use of best practices in psychological community support programs.

“National Rehabilitation” and Addiction Treatment Programs

Yesterday, the Abu Dhabi Government Media Office launched a media campaign focusing on the role and services of the National Rehabilitation Center in drug prevention, treatment and rehabilitation, during which the Center provides all treatment and rehabilitation services. Creates a framework of privacy and confidentiality to meet the needs of customers and take into account values.

He said the center provides five specialized and science-based quality services, including “behavioral therapy”, “medical therapy”, “psychological and cognitive therapy”, and “community and family service and support”. Its training center, which includes specialized treatment programs and other professional caregivers.

It implements a number of social awareness programs aimed at ending the social stigma surrounding drug abuse, advocating for policies and laws in support of treatment, community integration and treatment, and a deeper understanding of international best practices for the treatment and prevention of drug abuse.

நாடாளுமன்ற Parliamentary report calls for the preparation of scientific studies that rely on psychological and social support programs to improve the community’s view of mental illness.

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