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Two years later the fans return to the theaters in Algeria

Two years later the fans return to the theaters in Algeria

The head insisted Algerian Football FederationAlpoffSharafedin told Amara Sky News Arabia that the final round of the second round of the Africa qualifiers for the 2022 World Cup will return to the Algerian fan stand for the first time. “Desert Warriors” with the national team. Zambia in November 2019.

Approximately 15,000 visitors are possible

The move follows the decision of the Scientific Committee to monitor and monitor the outbreak of the disease Corona in Algeria This gave the government the green light to allow fans to return to the stand.

The decision comes amid a series of recent announcements by the Algerian government, including the easing of closure measures imposed on several facilities since March 2020 due to the epidemic.

Sharaf L-Din praised the move, which officially opens the door for the public to return to stadiums for national and local competitions, in accordance with a specific health protocol.

As for international competitions, the president of the federation insisted on it African Union After coordinating some administrative matters and adjusting the final number of civilians in the coming days, it moves towards approving the request submitted by Algeria.

Sharaf L-Din said: “A match Algeria AndBurkina Faso It will be in the presence of the public because at present there is nothing to prevent this, especially since many African countries have organized competitions in public, respecting health measures.

I saw a conflict Algerian national team He last defeated his Nigerian opponent 4-0 at the Nigerian capital ground. Appointed2,000 participants only.

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Algerian Confederation President Burkina Faso has confirmed that the number of fans will not exceed half of the stadium’s seats. ThanksThis means about 15,000 fans will attend, with a total stadium capacity of 37,000.

The Algerian coach demanded Jamal Belmadi Empowering the spectators to take part in the match against Burkina Faso considering the importance of the match.

In an earlier statement to Algerian public television, Belmadi said: “I hope the audience will return to the Burkina Faso crowd because we missed it. Obviously, we are losing a lot of Algerian fans, especially the players who feel it.

Belmadi added: “The fans are the 12th player, but our fans are more than that, we play for them.”

Important competition and vaccination card may be mandatory

Experts and spectators of the sports scene in Algeria emphasize its importance Return visitors As a motivating factor for the players, especially in this crucial match for the Algerian team, a decisive clash is described to ensure play-off qualification.

For the first time since the outbreak, the announcement of the return of civilians coincided with the Algerian government’s decision to lift the 21-day home isolation across the national territory.

Algeria saw a significant decline in the number of HIV infections CoronaWith less than a hundred infections a day, Algeria has recorded one death from Kovit-19 in the last twenty-four hours.

Dr. is a member of the Scientific Committee for the Tracking and Monitoring of the Corona Virus in Algeria. Elias Agamouk confirmed that Algeria had entered the security level on a dose basis.

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Health experts expect vaccination cards to be issued to the public who wish to enter Shekar Stadium, and members of the science team stressed the need for citizens to respect health protocol to protect them when they are in public facilities, especially in culture and sports.