February 7, 2023

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Crisis continues ... Will FIFA intervene to change the African final?

Crisis continues … Will FIFA intervene to change the African final?

The African Football Confederation (AFC) has announced that the final will be played at Mohammed V Stadium after the first leg of the semi-finals of the African Champions League. White HouseThis was officially opposed by the Al-Ahly Club.

A definite Egyptian denial

The Al-Ahly Club issued a number of statements, including before announcing its decision to hold the “CAF” Morocco, west, sunset For the match, the African Union demanded that the administration of Mahmoud al-Ghadib select a neutral ground for the final.

After selecting Mohammed V Stadium for the final, the Al-Ahly Club issued other statements, demanding that the final be moved to a neutral venue, and the matter went to the International Football Association.Viva“Official and direct requests from the International Sports Court (CAS) and the Confederation of African Football (CAF) to shift the match from Morocco.

And grew to know Cairo Senegal withdraws bid to host final African Champions LeagueMorocco became the sole candidate, asking the Egyptian Football Association to submit an urgent official request for the Al-Ahly Club to host the final. Egypt.

In turn, the Football Association sent an official letter to the “CAF” to hold the final Cairo Instead of Casablanca.

The “CAF” did not respond to al-Ahly’s repeated statements and to the Egyptian Football Association, which had turned to international expansion at the Egyptian giant’s stadium.FIFA.

Are you moving the competition?

In an interview with Sky News Arabia, journalist Hadi al-Madani, who specializes in African football, said that the only hope for the Al-Ahly Club to play the final at the neutral ground lies in the verdict of the sports court.

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Al-Madani added: “After Morocco officially announces the final, the CAF will not change its decision, but may be forced to do so if it is granted. Playground The emergency decision was not to play in the final in the same country for two years.

Hody continued: “Club Al Ahly He went to FIFA and announced this in its official statements, but the International Federation did not specialize in such matters and the file would be transferred to the Sports Court.

For his part, Nigerian journalist Khumradi Olabi said in an interview with “Sky News Arabia” that Morocco already has the right to host and that the issue of changing the decision on Kafil has been ruled out.

Olabi added: “I have been following al-Ahli’s data for the past few days and rejecting the CAF decision, but we’ll see if the sports court reverses the decision. For me, I do not see any change.”

According to Moroccan journalist Othman al-Tahri, in an interview with Sky News Arabia, he attributed the crisis to the African Union’s decision to choose the final venue.

Al-Tahrir added: “After defining the final party by a very large percentage, why did the CAF take so long before announcing the host country?”

The Moroccan journalist concluded: “CAF President Motsheb is making strange decisions, including postponing the final to May 30 instead of the 28th of the same month. Paris Following the invitation to play in the Champions League final, this is unacceptable and diminishes the value of African football. “

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Al-Ahly Club won the first leg (4-0) of the semi-finals ES Settif The Algerian player in Cairo took the first step in the final, beating Widod of Morocco, Pedro Atletico (3-1) in Angola to advance to the final.