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Two years of infection


And with arrival Change The World Health Organization (WHO) has said it is concerned that Omicron has once again covered up the confusion over how governments are handling the epidemic crisis, especially in light of the sudden return of many countries to close borders with foreigners, which is largely linked to the economy. And humanitarian consequences.

Dealing, according to the New York Times Widespread contagious disease This is still happening with insufficient coordination, lack of information, and exchange of accusations between multiple parties.

As for the vaccine against the infection, in the midst of a clear stalemate, it took place better in rich countries. Developing countries Due to fierce and frantic competition for available doses, only a limited proportion of the population was able to be vaccinated.

Until epidemiologists and experts warn that leaving poor countries without vaccines to face their fate will inevitably lead to more dangerous mutations, the risk of staring at everyone, including developed nations, will return. Vaccination route.

The mutant raises major concerns because mutations in them can bypass the immunity that humans receive through vaccination.

South Africa, the homeland of the recently derailed Corona, expressed anger and disgust at the decision to halt flights with it on the grounds that it was cooperating with the international community. Not informative and quiet.

South African authorities believed that the suspension of flights with the country would only cause economic damage and could not control the mutations found on various continents.

The American newspaper noted that approaches to dealing with the crisis of new mutations vary from one continent to another, with some countries choosing to close borders sharply and quickly, while others prefer to wait for data on their magnitude to emerge. Risk or inability to vaccinate.

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Mistakes again

With the emergence of a new mutation, the sequence of decisions to close borders has become a familiar thing in the world, but the thing is rapidly increasing, and it is in every country, and this is exactly what happened. The “delta” mutation, which has become one of the most contagious diseases in the world.

But defenders of the closing results say there is no economic escape from this “painful” move, which, even if it has dire consequences, helps buy time and avoid making things worse until the scale of the existing risks is clear. .

In this context, a Chinese newspaper mocked the use of a futile Western approach to the Corona crisis, saying that the West was monopolizing vaccines for itself, “today it pays the price of selfishness.”

But the United States has sought to allay fears, and US President Joe Biden has said the new mutation is a cause for concern and not for panic.

According to World Health Organization (WHO) Director-General Tetros Adanom Caprese, the world’s uncoordinated response to this health crisis and the lack of adequate international cooperation have led to the spread of misinformation about the virus. As a state of weak hope.

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