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Types of Books to Increase IQ


It is common to find people with multiple intelligences, but very rare to find normal people with no intelligence at all. Intelligence is the ability to think abstractly, collect and synthesize ideas, and the levels of intelligence vary from person to person. Madam met Yasser Al-Ziyad, a researcher in developing mental abilities, to present us with a collection of books that will help you increase your IQ.

Books to help you increase your IQ

Al-Ziyad says to my woman: Intelligence is the ability to plan and organize an individual’s behavior in a systematic way, the ability to learn or benefit from experiences, the ability to perceive, the ability to attract attention, and speed or intuition. Among the books that will boost your intelligence:

The Seven Axes of Intelligence, William Grams

The Seven Axis of Intelligence.. William Grams – Image from

The book deals with different types of intelligence and introduces you to them, the author sees that there is no stupid or intellectual person, but rather there are people who are naturally smart in certain specializations and fields and smart in other areas. Together, they are found in every person, but in different proportions and each person differs in one, two or three categories based on his high IQ in a particular field. At the end, the writer invites the reader to distinguish between types. The insights he possesses, he develops and exploits them as fully as possible.

Artificial Intelligence Book.. Play Vidby

Artificial Intelligence Book.. Play Vidby – Image via

Play Whitby has many publications, particularly in artificial intelligence, a branch of computer science. Many publications define artificial intelligence as “the exploration and design of intelligent customers.” Chances of being successful in achieving its mission or its group’s mission.
This book represents a step towards tomorrow, which takes us on an exciting journey into the computer world, as well as into the depths of the human brain. This book deals with a lot of information about artificial intelligence, starting with young robots. Insects for computers that beat world champions in chess.
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The Supermind: 101 Ways to a Better Mind by Carol Fortman

The Supermind: 101 Ways to Be a Smarter Mind by Carol Fordman – Image via

This book aims to raise concentration levels using methods that have been tried by many with good success. And it aims to use non-traditional practical methods to activate memory and increase intellectual powers. The Supermind: 101 Ways A Smarter Mind gives you answers to:
Difficulty in remembering names and communicating with faces, difficulty in mind wandering a lot, difficulty in remembering numbers and other questions always bother us and make us feel that we are not smart because we are not using our brain properly. .

– The Brain Book and How Much We Need…Dr. Alexis Willett, d. Jennifer Barnett

The Brain Book and How Much We Need…Dr. Alexis Willett, d. Jennifer Barnett – Image via

The book takes us on a journey between the depths of ancient times to the far reaches of the distant future, talks about different forms of existence, and challenges us to think differently about the brain instead of focusing on the many wonderful things. The human mind does, and we wonder about the intricacies and contradictions of this brain, and can we live a satisfying life together when any part of it is lost? The bad news is that our brains actually start shrinking in our mid-thirties, and here’s what Dr. Alexis Willett and Dr. Jennifer Barnett sheds light on what the human brain can do under ideal and sub-ideal conditions. It has the ability to lose weight without significantly affecting its operations through some accurate facts and figures, case studies and some hypothetical scenarios and interviews with many experts.

Genius Intelligence: Secret Methods and Techniques to Increase IQ by James Morgan

Genius Intelligence: Secret Ways and Techniques to Increase IQ… James Morgan – Image via

The Book of Genius Intelligence, Secret Methods and Techniques to Increase IQ deals with the concept of genius and defines it as the ability to excel at three levels of intelligence, intuition, and intelligence, also known as artificial intelligence. The machine mind, practical thinking, or the real mind that creates materials, methods, and techniques, and critical methods and the book contains a wide range of genius methods, all of which have the potential to increase IQ.
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