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Tyre Safety Tips You Should Know In The UAE


Well-maintained tyres not only improve your driving but also save your life. In the UAE, thousands of accidents occur yearly due to inadequate maintenance of tyres and ignorance towards tyre safety tips. 

To ensure the safety of your loved ones and yourself, you need to prioritise tyre safety, especially in summer, when tyres are most vulnerable. 

So, for better safety and lifespan of your tyres, here are a few safety tips you should know in the UAE.

Check Tyre Tread 

It is the most crucial aspect of tyre safety that you should always keep in mind. Tyre treads provide your tyres with better grip and more stable performance. So, you need to maintain the legal length of the tyre tread, which is a minimum of 1.6 mm. 

If your tyre is worn out and the length of the tread is below the minimum legal requirement, consider replacing it as soon as possible. Refer to the Tread Wear Indicator (TWI) to inspect whether you have enough tyre tread. 

Maintain The Ideal Tyre Pressure

You must check the tyre pressure every two weeks to ensure it is ideal. Your tyre pressure should be according to the required PSI unit (Pounds Per Square Inch). You can know your ideal PSI through your car manual or the side of your car door, where most car companies mention it. 

If your tyre pressure isn’t ideal or as per the recommended PSI, you can top it up from a petrol station or tyre shop and get it checked. Some cars have a Tyre Pressure Monitoring System to warn drivers with a low tyre pressure warning on the dashboard.

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Regular Wheel Alignment 

Wheel alignment service ensures your tyres are at the right angle of your vehicle. It is crucial for a safe and stable drive. Therefore, you should consider regular wheel alignment. 

Auto mechanics offer this service, or you can get it during your regular car service. They will ensure your wheels are correctly aligned during a tyre change to prevent any overloading on the car. 

Go For Quality Tyres

Good quality tyres go a long way in keeping your drive safe and stable. Thus, consider only buying good quality tyres of a prominent brand from a reputed seller. 

UAEtyres is known for having a wide range of the best tyre brands. Consider changing all four tyres at the same time to prevent any mechanical damage. In the UAE, your tyres need replacing every 50,000 km. If ignored, you may have to face penalties and fines. 

Rotate Your Tyre

Tyre rotation is another vital aspect that has a significant impact on the performance of your car. It refers to changing the positions of your tyres to ensure even wear on them. 

According to experts and manufacturers, you must rotate your vehicle’s tyres every 10,000 km. If not, you will have irregular tread, considerably impacting your car’s performance. 

Avoid Overloading Your Car

Overloading the vehicle can severely impact the life of your tyres. Your car manual can tell you the maximum weight your car can carry. Keep it under the limit of your vehicle, or else your tyre will wear out much earlier than expected. Also, it will impact the performance of your car. Follow the instructions in the manual to maintain tyre safety.

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Final Words

Follow these safety tips to extend your tyres’ life and maintain a safe drive. Remember, most of them are crucial and a legal requirement. Avoiding them can lead to you facing legal consequences and fines. Also, they are essential for your loved ones and your safety.

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