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UK warns against making fake videos

A scene in action using deepfakes (archive)

Monday, April 3, 2023 / 15:55

Britain’s media regulator has asked the media to be more realistic about fake videos known as “deepfakes”.

In a memo sent to broadcasters on Monday, media authority Ofcom advised them to “carefully consider” whether they need to update their compliance procedures to take account of the risks associated with fake video content, he said. Deadline Email.

Ofcom cited several challenges broadcasters faced with fake videos, citing “misinformation and disinformation”, “bad faith and credibility” and “fairness and privacy”. method”. which may deprive them of justice or unjustifiably invade their privacy.”

Despite acknowledging the “obvious benefits for broadcasters” of using fake video technology, such as the significant potential to increase audience engagement, the regulator warned networks to be wary of the growing field of “artificial media” involving fake videos.

ITVX launched Deepfake Neighbor Wars earlier this year, which used fake videos of the likes of Kim Kardashian, Idris Elba and Greta Thunberg to create comedy segments, while BBC2 used the documentary I’m an Alcoholic: Inside Recovery. On contributors to protect their identity.

In a scripted commercial, fake videos are a key part of the plot of hit BBC1 drama The Capture.

Ofcom said it was “certain” that the rules in its broadcasting code would protect the public from potential risks, but asked broadcasters to read the matter more carefully. Streaming services are likely to enter these rules soon.

A draft media law released last week that could become law later this year, including Netflix and Prime Video, includes compliance with the regulator’s Harmful Content and Subtitles Act for the first time.

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