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Ukrainian army: Russian forces try to attack the Azovstal plant


The Ukrainian Armed Forces Command wrote on Facebook Russian forces Perform “offensive operations” in an area AzovstalAs well as conducting airstrikes on civilian infrastructure.

Sergei Volina, commander of the 36th Regiment of the Ukrainian Marine Corps, said: Like MariupolIn an interview with an opposition deputy posted on YouTube on Sunday, he said Russia was targeting the compound with air and artillery shells.

Speaking from his factory location, he said, “We are getting casualties, the situation is bad … many of us are injured, (some of them) are dying. “

Russia-appointed mayor Konstantin Ivashenko refused Like Mariupol However, Ukraine did not recognize it, and there were no fighting in the city, according to reports quoted by the Russian news agency DOS today.

And factory Azovstal The main stronghold of the Ukrainian resistance in the port of Mariupol in the southeast of the country is steel, which has been bombed from the beginning. War in Ukraine On February 24th.

Earlier on Sunday, Ukrainian presidential adviser Oleksi Aristovich wrote on Facebook, “Russian forces are trying to remove the guards. Azovstal More than a thousand civilians are lurking in the factory.

Russian forces surrounded the factory in early March and gradually occupied most of the city.

Following that, Aristovich said in a video speech broadcast by the President’s Office Ukraine Russia is being offered “special” talks in Mariupol to discuss the fate of Ukrainian civilians and troops.

Aristovich added that the talks were aimed at an immediate ceasefire Like Mariupol Opening of humanitarian corridors for “days” and the release or transfer of Ukrainian militants trapped in the Azovstal plant.

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Russian forces surrounded the factory in early March and gradually occupied most of the city.

Last Thursday, Putin announced Mariupolin’s “release” and his defense minister publicly called for an end to the storm. Azovstel Factory To save the lives of Russian soldiers.

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