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“Umm Masr” sings from the album “Keys” in Dubai today


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Alicia Keys is getting ready to give her fans a lively show ahead of the release of her new double album “Keys” tonight as part of the “Immortal Evenings” series at Expo 2020 Dubai.

After performing small, “secret” performances at the Apollo Theater in New York and the Art Basel in Miami, the 15-time Grammy Award-winning singer-songwriter chose the world’s largest international arena to release his much-anticipated new release. .

For his part, Keys said: With great performances in the “Timeless Evenings” series, I am very excited to release my new album “Keys” (Keys) from Dubai to the world. It’s not just a private concert, it’s a night event, and its organization radiates unparalleled positive energy within the enchanting dome of Al Wasl Plaza. I am very old in world music and the way I spread my music as an artist is unlimited. There are no boundaries to Expo 2020, which is the vision of the future we all want to create.

Barrier challenge

Keys’ new album – which features the singer’s signature songs – will stop you from stopping or pushing back on unseen obstacles and boundaries. How does the singer enjoy this experience on her own? “It’s a process, a practice and I get a lot of improvement,” he says. “That’s why I like the celebration that Keys’ album reflects, ”he says. It is this passion and desire that opens the doors of pride and glory to you. You do not have to underestimate in any way in front of anyone on earth. You have to be who you are. This is definitely a practice even though sometimes I am better than others. My new motto is “Nothing Too Much”. If you like it and feel good about it, you should let this expression live on and not worry about it.

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In keeping with the Expo 2020 Dubai theme of ‘Opportunities’, Keys says he appreciates everything this theme represents: “For me it’s a novelty, a dream come true. It’s one of the things I love about in the UAE. It also fits in perfectly with the essence of my character, as I vowed to dream as much as I could.

“Mother of Egypt”

Keys married a Muslim man and had a son named “Egypt” (Egypt). The artist reiterates his feelings of true love, familiarity and intimacy in the region: “It’s an admirable acquaintance. Every time I come here, it’s about progress and what can be created. I find it very inspiring. , I totally agree with it.All the countries united at Expo 2020 have different cultural backgrounds, but we can be in the same place with feelings of love, harmony and respect.

In a preview of his show in Al Wasl Square, Geese describes how much fun it can be, expressing his interest in this unique space: “It’s not a linear space, it’s very open and flexible, I really think of a way to communicate with space and the audience, it’s a beautiful audience. There will be a little magic and a lot of creative energy on the stage that will take you on the journey.

The clip for the song “Best of Me” from her new album features clips of her husband “Swiss Beats” and their two sons, reflecting the artist’s transformation that has partially preserved her sanctity. Personal life over the last twenty years.

Expression of maturity

“I feel like there are no more barriers, and I’m so proud of my family,” Keys says. I like the way I mature as a woman, and I love being in this primitive and beloved place, so what’s wrong with expressing it? Why shouldn’t we make it clear that this kind of energy is very possible? Explain that this is a world we can have and a vision we can create? I wrote the song Best of Me for my husband, and we did a wonderful four-part family series called Tips; It’s about acceptance and development, and the audience is very attached to this series because we all experience the same stories and paths, which is why it was so nice to open the doors and share with the audience.

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The doors were open to the keys, the keys of her kingdom in her hands, not now blocking her; He says, “I had a big tour planned for me, but unfortunately it was postponed due to the epidemic, but I will be launching it again in the summer of 2022, and it will include the US and Europe in addition to Dubai.”

Keys is a powerful and widespread role model for women and girls around the world, enhanced by her forthcoming youth graphic novel Girl in Fire. As the novel reveals, “It’s about a woman named Lulu who grows up in Brooklyn, discovers that she has superpowers and shocks and amazes her, to find out what to do with them – how to use them, when to use them. Use them. Is to figure out how to obtain and use these powers.

The Keys concert begins today at 10pm in Al Wasl Square. Visitors wishing to attend the event are advised to arrive earlier than the opening time.

The festival is broadcast worldwide live via and is also available for viewing on YouTube, Facebook and Oculus VR on a number of channels, including Expo 2020 TV.


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