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Under the pressure of a million buildings.. New York City is in danger of sinking as its land gradually diminishes | Science


Got a load of land you can’t get over? Can you withstand the weight of thousands of tons of tall buildings and mushrooming skyscrapers? And what are the consequences?

A new study conducted by American researchers in New York City found that buildings in the city are being squeezed on their bases and the area is threatened by flooding.

It has been published study Overseen by the USGS, one of America’s oldest scientific organizations founded in 1879, in the May 8 issue of Earth’s Future.

Researchers have found that New York City’s landscape is falling at a rate of one to two millimeters each year, due to the weight it carries on its back, and that there are parts of the city that speed this phenomenon. A population of more than 8 million is growing at an alarming rate which needs to be considered in order to avoid any dangers.

Through this study, coastal cities are at risk of inundation and the flooding they face is not only due to sea level rise, but also as a result of climate change and land subsidence. The pressure and weight of tall buildings, and this can both be the cause and add other factors such as over-exploitation of groundwater.

The weight of buildings has become a factor in the equation for calculating the sinking of cities (Pixaby)

Shrink a million buildings

According to the study, these researchers rely on conducting complex equations that integrate satellite images, the quality of the ground under study and the size of the million buildings, which weigh approximately 764 billion tons. Gravity.

Only buildings are included in the calculations, as other facilities such as roads, footpaths, bridges and railways, which have considerable weight, are not taken into account.

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Researcher Tom Parsons of the US Geological Survey’s Department of Coastal and Marine Sciences said, as reported by Science Alert, “The purpose of this study is to draw the attention of authorities to the seriousness of the situation. Make it clear that every building is being built on or near the coast.” Rivers and lakes contribute to increased flood risk.

The study authors confirm that these calculations are based on current data, and over time the number of residents will increase and the number of buildings will increase, which will worsen the situation.

About a Million Buildings Squeeze New York Lands (Pixaby)

The equation that saves cities from drowning

Just A statement The “science alert” site notes that some parts of New York City appear to be more fragile than others, such as Manhattan, which lies about two meters below sea level, and its urban structure complicates matters.

And New York City isn’t the only one at risk of drowning. So is Indonesia’s capital, Jakarta, which is expected to submerge by 2050, after scientists proved its land is sinking at a rate of 11 centimeters. As its groundwater is depleting every year, around 30 million people have to leave it or take necessary measures to control the situation.

The researchers concluded in their study that land subsidence is a neglected factor in most studies conducted on flooding and inundation risk in coastal cities, and this phenomenon occurs faster than sea level rise, so it is necessary to take it into account in the preparation of reconstruction strategies and plans to deal with flooding.

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