June 3, 2023

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Unexpected reason .. Why the movie “Five Doors” starring Nadia Al-Jundi and Adel Imam was suspended (Video) | News

Actress Nadia L-Genti, during a conversation with journalist Yasmin Es on the show “Kalam Al-Nass”, revealed the reason for stopping the screening of the movie “Five Doors”.

Nadia al-Jundi said, “What happened in the Five Gates has nothing to do with jealousy, but malicious planning is needed on how Nadia al-Jundi, Adel Imam and Fouad al-Muhandis work together.”

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He continued, “After the film, I was psychologically exhausted for the first time because I’ve been out for a week, and Central Security came down by the crowd on the film, and after you saw the success of the film, suddenly someone stopped it.

And he added, “Injustice, I am an artist, I made a successful film and took 5 reports from the censors and since the film was shown, I decided I would never be like that again. Outside of Egypt, it is said that although I took all the permits, I did not get the permits.

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And he continued, “Director Kipley, the handmaid movie, I told him I’m going to stop acting. He told me, you’re not a movie about movies and history, he really made me believe his words.”

During the show, Nadia L-Genti talked about buying her first competition novel “Bamboo Kosher” for 1500 1500. He said, “I love my art and my work, and this industry is very difficult.

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