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United Arab Emirates and the United Kingdom sign an agreement to improve climate and environmental cooperation


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Yesterday (Saturday) the United Arab Emirates and the United Kingdom signed an agreement to enhance bilateral cooperation to accelerate climate action and protect the environment.

The agreement, wisely signed by Dr. Sultan Ahmed Al Jaber, Minister of Industry and Advanced Technology and Special Envoy for Climate Change in the United Arab Emirates, and James Wisely, Minister of Middle East and North African Affairs in the United Kingdom, emphasizes the role of climate. Acting as a machine for economic growth, sustainable development and new job creation, and to contribute to shaping the features of a new era is in line with the “Fifty Principles” road map initiated by the United Arab Emirates in preparation for the next fifty years. Economic and Social Development in the United Arab Emirates.

Dr. Sultan Ahmed Al Jaber said: “Fifteen years ago, through the perspective of brilliant leadership, the United Arab Emirates made the strategic decision to invest more, joint venture with other countries and lower carbon energy, especially renewable energy. Was one of the first investors in wind power projects such as the Dudgeon and London Array plants.

He added: “The Memorandum of Understanding signed today (yesterday) builds our historic contribution to the UK, including investment and climate action. We look forward to strengthening our cooperation in various fields to support and achieve the ambitious goals set by the UK for COP26.

Under the Memorandum of Understanding, the United Arab Emirates and the United Kingdom are cooperating to achieve the objectives of the Paris Agreement by reducing emissions to keep global warming within 1.5 degrees, adapting to climate change and mitigating the effects of climate change and mitigating the effects of climate change.

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The United Arab Emirates was the first country to ratify and sign the Paris Agreement, and the first country to set a target of reducing emissions in various economic sectors in the Middle East and North Africa by 2030, as part of a nationally determined second contribution. . The United Arab Emirates has a proven track record of effective and successful climate initiatives in a variety of key sectors, including energy, industry and agriculture.

Today’s agreement with the United Kingdom focuses on exchanging information on policies, plans, legislation and business models that support joint efforts for climate action. It assists in research and development, investment promotion and dissemination of technology applications and supports collaboration with the private sector and in coordinating development and humanitarian activities.

The United Nations Climate Conference COP26 in November will see the official launch of the “Agricultural Innovation for Climate” initiative jointly established by the United Arab Emirates and the United States. Agricultural Innovation for Climate Activities will be in collaboration with the UK. Other areas include adaptation, regression, decarbonization, low carbon energy, green investment and finance, research collaboration and climate science.

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