January 30, 2023

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The new feature of "Cameo" allows video chat with celebrities

The new feature of “Cameo” allows video chat with celebrities

Popular American video sharing processor Cameo has announced the introduction of a new “Cameo Calls” feature that allows fans and followers to video chat for up to 15 minutes with their favorite celebrities and influencers.

According to the tech-savvy TechCrunch website, the popular Chicago-based application site sets the duration and price of calls, while the average price of video calls is about $ 31.

To book your call with your favorite celebrity, you can enter the Cameo website or app to see the list of calls you can purchase, you will receive the code in the app after purchase, and then you can make your call.

The new feature comes after the app-based company phased out a similar feature that had been at the peak of Corona’s impact since 2020, with calls from the popular “Zoom” project last April.

Instead, all new features are provided from within the app without relying on third parties to communicate between the app and popular users and their followers.

According to “Tech Crunch”, the experience seems largely logical in light of Corona’s repercussions, and meeting celebrities in many places may not be a safe option.

For its part, application management depends not only on the needs of the current crisis in the epidemiological context of its preparation, but in an effective way in all difficult and normal times.

Even in normal situations where they want to greet their favorite characters, it requires them to know what the application can offer by causing suffering and sometimes standing in long queues to get their attention, especially if you are talented, introduce yourself.

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“We expect cameo calls to transform meetings and greetings at music festivals, world tours, fan conferences, sporting events and more,” said Stephen Calanis, co-founder and CEO of Cameo.

Cameo said it tested the product with more than 3,000 video calls, including hosting skills, concerts, luck and other chats.

The feature was tested by British duo James and Oliver Phelps, who is best known for playing the duo, Fred and George Wesley in the popular film series Harry Potter.