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United Arab Emirates launches ‘Beyond Food’ partnership with Irina


Abu Dhabi: “Gulf”

The United Arab Emirates and the International Renewable Energy Agency (Irina) have launched a new joint venture called ‘Beyond Food’, which aims to bring sustainable energy for cooking to communities around the world where there are no resources.

In collaboration with the Nama Foundation for the Advancement of Women, the United Arab Emirates has partnered with IRENA to promote integration and teamwork in the field of spreading hygienic solutions worldwide, and to address one of the toughest global challenges facing human development. . The partnership aims to expand and attract the contribution of key actors active in the field in the coming years.

It should be noted that more than 2.6 billion people depend on conventional fuels to meet their food needs through cooking. Access to clean energy at affordable prices for cooking is far from the need for the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 7, which provides access to clean energy for all by 2030.

No Camera: Funding to encourage the use of clean cooking solutions

IRENA Director-General Francesco La Camera said: “Access to affordable and modern energy solutions for cooking all over the world represents a major global challenge because current global efforts are considered to be less conducive to achieving sustainable goals.Development 2030. Partnership seeks and puts this issue first on the global development agenda in the current decade.

Novel al-Hosani: An attempt to provide an innovative solution to ensure sustainable human development

At the start of the launch event, Dr. Nawal Al Hosani, IRENA Permanent Representative to the United Arab Emirates, said: “We are concerned that one-third of the world’s population lack the resources or infrastructure to ensure a clean cooking environment. People rely on fuels such as coal, wood and kerosene for cooking.

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“The effects are divided into two parts: first, creating an unhealthy living environment, and second, increasing harmful carbon emissions,” he added.

He added: “Finding innovative ways for people to benefit from clean food, agriculture and livelihood systems is absolutely essential to ensure long-term sustainable human development. I am pleased that the United Arab Emirates is collaborating with its international partners to achieve this through the “Beyond Food” initiative.

The compatibility of innovative solutions for electric cooking and commercially viable alternatives is increasing. However, with more investment flowing into renewable power projects, both on-grid and off-grid, the clean cooking sector is receiving less funding both internationally and domestically.

The Rhyme Pen Hand: The Links between Cooking, Gender Equality, Health and the Environment

Reem Bin Karam, director of the Nama Foundation for the Advancement of Women, said: “Diseases caused by cooking using polluting fuels kill 4 million people a year, and women are the most affected, according to the World Health Organization.” The relationship between cooking, gender equality, health, the environment and current climate change cannot be denied or ignored.

“Our contribution to this initiative ensures that women actively participate in the development of gender-sensitive strategies for the dissemination of clean and efficient culinary techniques, and in achieving the United Nations’ goal of access to clean culinary solutions by 2030,” she added.

“Without immediate action, the environmental, social and health hazards caused by air pollution in the home will affect women and children in particular. They come up with fuel and use carbon stoves,” he noted.

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17 To achieve the set of sustainable development goals, it is necessary to enable communities to use clean cooking techniques and tools. Ensuring greater health and safety includes reducing emissions from cooking, eliminating energy poverty and preserving sustainable energy for billions of people, and reducing black carbon emissions by 25 percent from current cooking methods. Other goals.

Damilola Ojeonbei: As a result of economic growth and significant cost savings

The ceremony was attended almost exclusively by the Chief Executive of all the Organization and the Special Representative of the Organization to the United Nations Secretary-General, Tomilola Ojionpi. The use of traditional cooking fuels and techniques costs about $ 2.4 trillion, which negatively affects health, undermines productivity and harms the environment.

He added: “Facing the challenge of clean cooking will result in significant cost savings with many benefits in terms of gender equality, climate action and improved health and safety levels. Clean cooking solutions offer a great opportunity for economic growth by creating jobs. Women in particular are key stakeholders in this field and are expected to reap significant benefits by providing access to cleaner and better cooking solutions. We must continue to work together to prioritize clean cooking on national policy agendas.

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