January 27, 2023

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$ 86 billion evaporated from cryptocurrencies in 24 hours

$ 86 billion evaporated from cryptocurrencies in 24 hours

The red color dominated the cryptocurrency platforms and saw a shocking session in the market, resulting in a loss of over 86 billion. Dollar In the last 24 hours.

Recent statements by US Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell have turned the market into a loser, revealing that he is a way of breaking the digital currencies law before Congress and that official authorities should not tolerate it.

Powell said digital currencies could help Russia overcome sanctions, and stressed that digital currencies were speculative and stressed that Congress should do something about digital currencies.

It came to you following the revelation that the use of digital currencies on the Russian and Ukrainian sides has expanded in an attempt to circumvent the sanctions imposed by Western countries and to protect the value of money from depreciation. Of Currency Ruble.

Powell noted the uncertainty surrounding the Russian attack on Ukraine, noting that the bank would pursue its plans with caution while monitoring further developments related to the aftermath of the Ukraine war on Ukraine. Economy.

According to the CoinMarketCap site, the combined market value of digital currencies has fallen 4.7% in the last 24 hours, losing about $ 86.7 billion after falling from $ 1830 billion in trading on Friday. $ 1743.3 in Saturday morning trading.

And “Bitcoin” recorded a decline of 5.8%, losing about $ 2432, and its price fell to about $ 38,947 in today’s trade, from $ 41,379 in yesterday’s trade. Its total market value has dropped to about $ 739 billion.

The “ether” currency recorded a loss of 3.7% in the last hours, losing about $ 101, and its price fell from about $ 2724 in yesterday’s trade to about $ 2623 in today’s trade. Its total market value fell to about $ 314.3 billion.

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Although the “Tezr” and “USD” currencies remained at $ 1, their combined market value remained at $ 79.73 and $ 52.84 billion, respectively.

The “BNB” currency recorded a loss of 6% in the last few hours, trading at $ 371.3 today, compared to the weekly decline of 2.2%. Its total market value fell to about $ 61.55 billion.