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United Arab Emirates supports efforts to maintain security and stability in Kazakhstan


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The United Arab Emirates (UAE) confirmed that it is closely following the latest developments in Kazakhstan, stressing the urgent need to achieve stability and security in the country. In a statement, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation reaffirmed the support of the United Arab Emirates for maintaining the security and stability of Kazakhstan, within the framework of the institutions, the rule of law and the Constitution, within the framework of which hopes and aspirations are achieved. Of the Kazakh people.

Meanwhile, Kazakh President Qasim Djokovic told his Russian President Vladimir Putin yesterday that the situation in his country was moving towards stability, and the Russian president said in a statement: Togolese had told Putin that the situation in Kazakhstan was moving towards stability.

Meanwhile, Kareem Massimov, the former head of the National Security Council, was arrested yesterday on charges of treason by Kazakh authorities, according to the Security Council, following his dismissal following unrest in the country. Details, and the National Security Council in its statement, said its director had been arrested after the investigation began on a former treason charge: “Other officers were arrested on suspicion of treason.”

In a related development, a spokesman said that former Kazakh President Narsultan Nazarbayev had taken control of affairs for years, did not leave the country despite the turmoil, and spokesman Adios Okibai tweeted on Twitter: “The leader nation is still in the Kazakh capital, Nursultan.”

Nazarbayev called on the people to support the government in dealing with the crisis that is heating up the country. The former president’s spokesman, Adeus Okebay, wrote in a tweet via Twitter, calling on Nazarbayev to allow all Kazakh presidents to rally around him to overcome the crisis and ensure the unity of the country.

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