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Unparalleled.. What’s the secret behind the smart chip in the new iPhone?



Unparalleled.. What’s the secret behind the smart chip in the new iPhone?

Apple continues to make huge strides in the field of manufacturing smartphone chips, and the American company has once again proved its superiority in the field by offering the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max with the A17 Pro chip, the first such chip to be manufactured. With 3 nm technology… the world of smartphones.

With the release of the A17 Pro chip, Apple has not hesitated to reveal the level of progress it has made in this area. The iPhone maker, which usually avoids using disclosures that could be held liable later, made the point clearly this time. Its new chip has decided the game in the world of smart phones.

Apple has ensured that there is no rival to the A17 Pro chip in any smartphone and its chip comes with incredible performance that will change the rules of the game and take its smartphones to a whole new level.

A result of tripartite cooperation

Although Apple is not a company that specializes in making processor chips, its partnership with ARM and Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) has helped it appear to be the best in the field. The A17 Pro chip, which Apple says is the next generation of Apple silicon chips, is actually the product of a collaboration between iPhone maker ARM and TSMC. Apple has a license that allows it to use ARM designs for phone processors, and with the ability to modify these designs, DSMC, which makes Apple’s chips, has the best technology because the Taiwanese company will prioritize the iPhone maker so that its phones use a 3-nanometer chip this year, according to a deal that brings the two sides together. Under TSMC should give preference to Apple.

A new name that signifies excellence

The new Apple chip excels in many technical aspects, and this has made the iPhone maker so confident in its performance that it has prompted it to drop the term Bionic, which it usually used, in naming its chips and replace it with the term Pro. While the new generation of Apple chips was expected to carry the name A17 Bionic, Apple chose the name A17 Pro, so that the word “Pro” refers to how advanced the chip’s configuration is compared to its predecessors.

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The A17 Pro chip, the world’s first for phones based on 3nm technology, features:

  • 8GB RAM.
  • Compared to the CPU found in last year’s introduced A16 Bionic chip found in the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max, the six-core CPU is up to 10 percent faster.
  • The six-core GPU graphics processing unit is completely new in terms of design, and it can deliver amazing graphics performance, and this is reflected in the performance of games on iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max, whose details are closer to reality. . Apple has indicated that the GPU unit in the A17 Pro is 70 percent faster than the GPU unit in the iPhone 12 Pro.
  • A neural engine with 16 cores and enormous capabilities, twice as fast as the previous generation. It can be activated and processed by its own virtual neural networks, functionally similar to the complex nervous system of humans. 35 trillion operations per second, and this will be reflected in a significant improvement in artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities in the iPhone 15 Pro and 15 Pro Max.
  • The 19 billion transistors represent a nanometer efficiency advance. To reduce the size of each transistor, the smaller the transistor size, the smaller it can be packed into the chip, leading to the production of such high-power chips. Made by Apple.

A phone that works with perfect compatibility

Computer engineer Muhammad Al-Numan told the “Iqtizad Sky News Arabia” website that by moving to 3-nm manufacturing technology for the A17 Pro chip, Apple has once again proven its extraordinary capabilities in the field of mobile device processors. , which is one of its most important wonderful surprises. , in the world of smart phones this year, indicates that the chip will contribute to improving the performance of the iPhone, which can work efficiently and with complete compatibility without any errors. At various levels, and its effectiveness is unaffected by any difficulties it may encounter.

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According to Al-Numan, the manufacturing precision of the 3 nm technology will provide a huge improvement in the efficiency and performance of iPhones compared to other phones. The number of transistors in the A17 Pro chip ensures that multiple tasks can be executed simultaneously. Compared to previous generations, power consumption has been significantly reduced. Whether the phone owner is running large applications, or playing games with high-quality graphics, the chip is ready to deliver performance unmatched in the world of phones to date. .

Smart and gentle

Al-Numan believes that in addition to its amazing performance, the A17 Pro is distinguished by its ability to consume less power, which will increase the battery life of the phone and allow the user to stay away from the charger for a long time. The artificial intelligence technologies integrated into the new chip will make the iPhone 15 Pro and 15 Pro Max smarter and smoother. With its intelligence capabilities, it will help improve and further improve the performance of apps and services like Siri. Performance of face recognition and smart photography.

Al-Numan points out that the new Apple chip is characterized by advanced security technologies that will make it more difficult to hack the phone or access its owner’s personal information, which the tech world insists after releasing the A17 Pro. , now faces a chip that represents the greatest progress in the world of technology, and combines high performance, energy efficiency, security and advanced artificial intelligence, respecting strict environmental standards, as it is designed to consume the least amount of natural resources.

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A “smart chip” in the phone world

For his part, Mazen Al-Daghash, the head of the “Technology” company, said in an interview with the “Ectisat Sky News Arabia” website that the real star of the iPhone 15 series launch event was the A17 Pro chip. This chip plays a vital role in powering the phone, so in a smartphone, without the chip, nothing happens, from the camera to the screen running apps and transferring data to the battery.

According to Al-Taqash, the A17 Pro chip is the main brain of the phone, and when it combines the features it packs, ​​​​​​​we are facing a “smartest chip” in the world of phones. The 3-nm technology iPhone 15 Pro and 15 Pro Max are now… Currently, without the slightest doubt, the mobile phone chip is the strongest and most efficient in the world, and this thing is, as Apple said, “final” and undeniable, to Apple. This indicates that the conclusion is supported by the results of tests carried out by a third party who received the phone from, with the aim of finding that the A17 Pro processor is more powerful than what Apple claims.

A chip that crushes all kinds of competition

Al-Taqash revealed that the A17 Pro chip comes with “accelerated ray tracing” technology that is 4 times faster than that found in the A16 Bionic chip. Very similar images of what can be achieved. Looking at it in the real world, the A17 Pro is expected to crush all kinds of competition in the phone app market in the next 6 months due to its incredible capabilities. It will positively affect the functionality of all the technical features and tools in the phone, which is bad news for Apple’s competitors.

Apple renews signing of deal with rival ARM to design chips

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