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US-Israel Debate on Judiciary Reform


Netanyahu and Biden

Netanyahu: Israel does not make decisions based on external pressure

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Talks between representatives of the ruling coalition and opposition parties are expected to continue in Israel today to resolve the impasse over judicial reforms.

The office of Israeli President Isaac Herzog, the ruling coalition and representatives of the opposition parties Yesh Adit (There Is a Future) and National Unity, held the first dialogue session on the law on judicial reforms yesterday. Happened under good circumstances.

According to the Israeli press, Attorney General Benjamin Netanyahu was barred from representing the Likud party in the legislative dialogue.

In his first response to US President Joe Biden, who warned that Israel could not continue the judicial standoff, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Israel was a free country that makes its decisions without any outside pressure.

Biden expressed hope that Netanyahu would withdraw the justice reform bill.

The US president also confirmed that Netanyahu has not been invited to the White House.

And Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced yesterday, “Israel is in an important discussion and we will eventually reach an agreement.”

The Israel Broadcasting Authority said Netanyahu had discussed the security situation with ousted Defense Minister Yoav Gallant.

Earlier on Tuesday, aides to the Israeli defense minister said Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was still in office until further notice after the country’s political crisis reached a climax after his impeachment.

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Unrest has gripped the political landscape in Israel, with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his new hard-right government proposing to introduce amendments to laws on the judiciary, sparking protests at home and concern from allies abroad.

On January 4, Netanyahu’s new government announced plans to overturn some of the Supreme Court’s rulings and give the government more power to appoint judges.

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