March 25, 2023

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US securities in the United Arab Emirates rose 60% to $ 58.7 billion

The United Arab Emirates is one of the major investors in US securities and treasury bills, having been ranked 23rd globally since the end of last August.

According to the latest data from the US Treasury released yesterday, US bonds and bills in the UAE were about $ 58.7 billion last August, up $ 1.2% or $ 700 billion on a monthly basis. Earlier in July

The United Arab Emirates is the second largest Gulf country with the largest U.S. bond, followed by Saudi Arabia with $ 124.1 billion in August, $ 128.1 billion in July, and Kuwait with $ 46.8 billion. Oman Sultans with $ 5.04 billion investment. Bahrain $ 494 million.

Globally, Japan topped the list with $ 1.319 trillion, followed by China with $ 1.047 trillion, the United Kingdom with $ 569 billion and Ireland with $ 326.1 billion.


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