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Vail Kufori’s first comment after the tragic accident … What did he say?


His first comment after the horrific traffic accident he experienced on Friday evening was directed by a Lebanese artist Vale Gfory A message to his fans and admirers.

He also wrote on Instagram: “From the heart … and after a new life came to me … Thanks to all my fellow artists, all the composers and poets, everyone in the arts and media, love and faith circles, politicians, fans and friends … and To every lover who cares about me. “

He continued: “You have drowned me in your love and fear of me. Believe me, I have touched the love of each and every one of you. I am grateful for your prayers! .. Every word you have spoken has touched me and echoed” heart

Injuries to his body and face

Vale Kufori sustained injuries to his body and face as a result of the crash, which meant he had to stay in hospital for two days, after which he was discharged after treatment on Sunday.

It is noteworthy that on Friday evening the artist was involved in a traffic accident on the highway near the northern coastal city of Byblos and was later transferred to Al-Maunat Hospital in Byblos for treatment.

The car broke down

Images spread on social media also showed a car Vale Gfory The 47-year-old was badly beaten and had his tires blown off, according to AFP reports that the vehicle allegedly collided with a concrete barrier on the highway connecting the coastal city of Jebel with the capital Beirut, 40 kilometers away. .

Born in 1974 in Jahle, the capital of eastern Lebanon’s Bekaa governorate, the singer’s real name is Michael Kufori, considered one of the most important Arabic singing stars of the last two decades. His singing career, which began after graduating from the famous “Studio El Fan” project in 1993 to discover talent, is full of many hit songs, in which Kufori distinguished himself, especially in the color of the romantic Lebanese song.

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