January 29, 2023

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ارتفاع الرطوبة اليوم وأجواء شديدة الحرارة.. والعظمى بالقاهرة 35 درجة

Very humid and very hot weather today.. and 35 degrees in Cairo

Expect the body Meteorology Today, Sunday, there is a significant increase in humidity throughout the day, which increases the feeling of high temperature, values ​​​​up to 2: 4 degrees, Greater Cairo, Lower Egypt will feel very hot weather during the day. South Sinai and southern Upper Egypt, hot and humid on the northern coasts. Temperatures are moderate, humid at night on the northern coasts, hot and humid in other areas, and windy in some areas reducing the feeling of high temperatures and humidity.

Today, the humidity will continue to increase during the day, the weather will feel warmer than expected in the shade, the values ​​will be up to 2: 4 degrees, and there will be wind activity at times, according to the Meteorological Department. Regions will see wind activity tomorrow across the Republic, with higher temperatures overnight and areas with reduced humidity

As for the temperature today, Sunday: Greater Cairo 35 degrees, Al-Masoush 38, Lesser 25 degrees, Great Alexandria 32, Field 35 degrees, Lesser 25 degrees, Great Madrouh 31 degrees, Al-Masoush 33 degrees, Lesser 24 degrees, Great Sohaq 38 degrees, Al-Massoosh 40 degrees, the lesser 27 degrees, and Qana the Great 41 degrees, the sensible 42 degrees, the lesser 28 degrees, the greater Aswan 41 degrees , the sensitive 42 degrees, and the lesser 29 degrees.

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