January 27, 2023

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Zahrat Al Khaleez - Brittany Howard's Secret...and Jennifer Aniston's Confession

Zahrat Al Khaleez – Brittany Howard’s Secret…and Jennifer Aniston’s Confession


Every year, millions of people, including many famous people, are diagnosed with eye diseases. For example, the star Jennifer Aniston admitted that she is addicted to eye drops, and she suffers from dry eyes, itching, redness and inability to read texts, and the ultraviolet rays of the sun are also a reason. So, we saw him spreading awareness about the dangers of dry eyes.

For his part, the famous Irish singer “Bono” one day revealed the secret of his penchant for wearing sunglasses, which he became famous for after suffering from glaucoma, which can lead to blindness. Sunlight increases the sensitivity of the affected eyes.

The Egyptian actress Zina, in turn, developed an eye disease, so she wore glasses in the light due to the severe sensitivity of the eyes to light. Her problem was that her son kept crying whenever he saw her wearing glasses.

Actress Yasmin Abdel Aziz wore large sunglasses and closed her eyes, which sparked many comments from her fans. Those who understand the principles of protecting the eyes from sunlight; They considered the new “look” a condition of protecting the eyes from UV rays.

  • Singer Brittany Howard

Singer Brittany Howard beat eye cancer, but she has been blind in one eye since childhood. It appears with two thick glasses and is interested in teaching people about the external factors of nature and their effects on the eyes.

The late Larry King, one of the most prominent personalities on the small screen and radio, underwent cataract surgery in 2009 and has long appeared in large, thick, multi-colored glasses. One of the most important secrets of his success was his eagerness to look directly into the eyes of his guests; Making them feel respected.. the language of his eyes.

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