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“Very rare type” dinosaur ate differently


Researchers know this Small dinosaur Named “Pertasaura Leopoldinai”, it is about one meter long and 80 centimeters high due to a group of fossils found during excavations in the state of Paran between 2011 and 2014.

Theropods are well known Dinosaurs Two legs, which are usually carnivorous and have plant and tooth.

But the National Museum described the species as “without a crane and a crane”. Teeth Unlike other creatures ever found in Brazil. “

The study was conducted in conjunction with the Archaeological Contestado Center in the state of Santa Catarina (south). BrazilThursday, in the science journal Nature.

“We have the remains of a skull, jaw, spine, hip, thoracic hip and forearm and hind legs that make Bertha one of the most complete Cretaceous dinosaurs ever found in Brazil,” said Alexander Kellner, director of the National Museum and archaeologist. Said at a press conference.

Scientists believe that the species’ lack of teeth is “a real surprise” and raises many questions about the nature of its diet.

Giovanni Alves de Sousa, co – author of the study, said: “Perhaps he ate differently from other leg dinosaurs, but just because he has teeth does not mean he can not eat meat.”

The animal was named “Bertosaurus Leopoldine” in memory of Berta Louth, a Brazilian scientist and researcher at the National Museum, and Maria Leopoldinoi, wife of Emperor Point I of Brazil, who was interested in sponsoring natural sciences.

Last week, reconstruction work on the National Museum began Rio de Janeiro It was destroyed by fire in September 2018 and is one of the most valuable natural history collections in Latin America.

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