June 2, 2023

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Video. A free-falling flight simulator to soar over Dubai, near Rennes

“Your plane will take you to Jumeirah, the palm-shaped beach of Dubai. You must have seen the pictures before, she is famous all over the world ”, Presents Alexis, the instructor ofAirfly, Leisure equipment, installed Bad hat North Renz.

His young client is wearing special glasses screwed onto the helmet and ready to carry. The monitor guides him to the free-fall air simulator tube. Both enter. Let’s stir for a minute.

An intense minute

Dino, 14, is floating in the air, on his stomach. The wind column at 200 km per hour gives the impression of a parachute jump. Before his eyes, Dubai Beach emerges in 360 in. Alexis, who stays outside, looks at his screen as if he were in a mirror. He gestured for his colleague Mervan to turn left. Mervan leans over the young man as if he were more than the Persian Gulf.

Flying over Cape Malo, north of Rennes, above Dubai Beach is the new experience that Airfly offers. © REUTERS Archives

One minute, it may seem short, but once in a while, time expands. “In a parachute, when you go to an altitude of 3000 meters, it only lasts 33 seconds! “, Remind the instructors with a laugh. Developed by Airfly A skydiving champion He wanted to provide the general public with a tool similar to military and specialized athletes training in this type of air tunnel.

How does it work?

Open from 2018, the simulator welcomes those interested from the age of five in small groups. Families, friends, colleagues who push themselves into the void தொடங்கி starting from the ground up. Funny paradox, all the nuances have to go up without falling.

Photo Mervan, a parachute instructor, is one of the instructors who comes with the general public.  Initially, this type was used for training by air tunnel experts.  © West-France

Mervan, a parachute trainer, is one of the instructors who comes with the general public. Initially, this type was used for training by air tunnel experts. © Oyster-France

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“With your outstretched arms leaning in the air, your hips will be your balance. When you make a movement, at 200km / h, remember that it has increased tenfold”, Each participant smiles at Mervan at the end of the technical presentation that follows when they come to the site.

Many formulas are possible. There, adventurers try three planes, two equivalent to 4000 m and the last of the virtual, accessible over 12 years. For the first time, everyone enters. The eyes were adjusted so that the instructor leaned on the cheek and lifted.

Photo in the production room, participants will find the position they need to try to put at a speed of 200 km per hour.  © West-France

In the production room, participants will find the position they need to try to maintain at a speed of 200 km / h. © Oyster-France

It is necessary to stretch both toes and gently stretch the legs. Bend two fingers and gently bend them. When we are in the machine, we cannot speak, so we communicate by sign. We go outside and the legs tremble a little. “Very good, Encourage Mervan. You’re really in the right position, you do not make sudden movements, so it’s very good. Believe in yourself, you can climb high. “

On the second flight, with a little more confidence, each participant begins to feel their body feel better, and checks that it is rising by pressing their hands into the air. The legs must follow otherwise we are approaching the wall. Thanks to the instructor, no alcohol. He anticipates movements and acts as guardian angels. At the end of the session, the athletes of the day will find themselves in the video. Next time, of course, tell yourself that they will go even further.

Photo means you can connect multiple planes to better and better control your downhill in the air tunnel.  © West-France

You can chain multiple planes to better control your fall in the air tunnel. © Oyster-France

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Prices: Prices per adult. 45.99, for a child aged 5 to 11 years. 39.99. Formula three planes with virtual reality: 109. Birthdays, seminars, special offers for groups. www.airfly-bretagne.fr And 02 57 75 61 87.

Vell a set of 8 aircraft To share with friends or family.