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Video – Enjoy the world’s deepest swimming pool in Dubai


This is a new world record confirmed by Guinness Academy! The deepest diving pool in the world and it is located in Dubai. The goal? This famous city in the United Arab Emirates attracts new tourists amidst an epidemic.

With its doors open to international visitors since July 2020, the city continues to showcase new Pharonic attractions between its skyscrapers and other artificial islands. Built on an oyster-shaped structure surrounded by fountains, the pool welcomed its first visitors on Wednesday. It offers the decor of a submerged city at a temperature of 30 … C … enough to attract diving enthusiasts.

“This is a 60 meter deep pool, 15 meters more than twice the size of any other pool in the world.”Said Jarrod Japlonsky, director of Deep Dive Dubai, which manages the project. It has a capacity of six Olympic swimming pools, or 14.6 million liters, he says.

Lights and background music, there are two underwater habitats. Divers explore the depths of the rebuilt lost city, scattered with objects and covered with lush vegetation. Gravity comes at a price: an hour session costs 115 to 345 euros.

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