June 2, 2023

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Video. Rent a boat in Dubai, the hub of affluent tourists in times of health crisis

On the edge of Dubai’s “Marina”, you can see boats as far as the eye can see. As tourists return, there are plenty of escapes in luxury boats on the artificial lakes of the Persian Gulf. The city-emirate, which has reopened to tourists since July 2020, attracts visitors with its restaurants and beaches, but even with its boats, social distance is practiced in these times of epidemics.

But these excursions come at a price: three hours on a 42-meter boat costs up to 18,000 dirhams (about 4,000 euros), which is usually shared by passengers on the plane. With the horizon of endless skyscrapers and artificial islands, Boats are allowed to operate at 70% of their capacity.

Rental companies were more interested in this activity. “When control measures were relaxed and the situation returned to normal, people stayed with family and friends and wanted something safer and more secure,” said Mohammed al-Sayeed, the company’s director. From the charter, Royal Star boats. Residents and tourists alike dream of “cruise ships” and “leisure”, promising an expert who has worked in the boating industry for eight years.

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