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Reality TV – Abroad – Language stays in Dubai through training


Nabila, Jazz, Hillary… “They Sell Dreams in a Dream System” – Photo Credit: Le Parisian / Fred Dugit

It is no secret that Dubai has become a haven for numerous French reality TV candidates, influencers and entrepreneurs. These foreigners, Highlighted by the media, Has contributed to the country’s attractiveness and tourism development. With the Govt-19 health crisis and the closure of many frontiers, a tourism sector has grown particularly, with the English language relying on Dubai!

A strategy that goes against the grain of Govit-19

In Dubai, drastic measures were taken in March 2020: closing borders, international airport, shopping malls and restaurants. In July 2020, the Emirate decides to take the opposite direction and reopen its borders to tourists.

To date, the country continues to welcome foreign visitors and has attracted many who want to avoid being imprisoned in their own country. The last consideration is a strategy that will become a payment to the Emirate Study published by the Department of Tourism : From January to April 2021, hotel companies had an average accommodation rate of 63%. A great result compared to other countries around the world – in particular, French hotels, all ranges combined, Aggression rate 22% For the same period.

As a catalyst for reality TV

The city has been growing for years and is preferred by French reality TV candidates and influencers. The trend was further exacerbated with foreigners such as Nabila Vergara, Jazz Korea or Jessica Divenin, the best representatives of these projects. Most recently, the “Marseilles à Dubas” broadcast was followed by an average of 784,000 viewers from February to 2021.

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Spotlights seem to be performing better, with France having the 3rd highest number of foreign visitors to Dubai from January to April 2021 (after India and Russia), while France was only 10th in the same period in 2019.

The language travel market is growing

Advertising for the younger generation and openness to tourists have created an unexpected tourism industry, with the English language relying on Dubai.
“Our booking The language is based in Dubai Has increased by more than 300% in 1 year, ”explains Mathieu KUL Lear, Marketing Director of Voyage-Langu, a company that specializes in language lodging (partner of a Persian Eduardian) before adding: Australia and others have decided to tighten entry restrictions on their territory. ”

In red, the city of Dubai in the north of the United Arab Emirates. Google Maps

With almost 95% of foreigners in the UAE speaking English, English schools in Dubai have nothing to envy those in Anglo-Saxon countries: “Our partner school in Dubai has brand new campuses and a spectacular view of the building, characteristic of Dubai. Another essential point: all teachers are native English speakers from London, Dublin or Boston. “.

It remains to be seen whether Dubai will establish itself as a place of choice for a language study tour in the long run or whether the trend is contextual.


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