June 9, 2023

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Vinicius Jr mocked La Liga after losing to Girona

Vinicius Jr mocked La Liga after losing to Girona

Spain’s Real Madrid star Vinicius Junior has sparked a lot of controversy after his team’s heavy defeat against its rivals Girona, with a score of four goals to two in the match at the “Montelefi” stadium. Last Tuesday, Spanish football in the 31st round of the league.

Spanish newspaper “AS” reported on Tuesday that Vinicius Jr used a tweet from a Brazilian account on social networking site “Twitter” to mock the referee of the last match between Real Club and Girona. The Spanish league and refereeing position in this tournament.

And the 22-year-old Brazilian winger received a yellow card in the 33rd minute after the Catalan club’s defender Santi Bueno kicked the ball at him as he lay on the ground, prompting him to complain. The match referee about this behaviour, but the latter had a different opinion and he penalized him.

Vinicius reposted the Brazilian account’s tweet, which said: “Vinicius Jr. lay on the ground but a Girona player kicked the ball at him, he then complained to the referee but he sent a yellow card to Vinicius and Girona. The player didn’t get a warning,” and “La Liga,” he sarcastically commented.

This is not the first time that Vinicius has protested against the referees’ decisions in the Spanish league, criticizing them more than once for the way they handled him and did not defend him, despite making strong interventions. Players of competing teams.