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Google stores your one-time codes in the cloud and makes two-factor authentication easy


Google is fulfilling a longstanding demand for Android smartphone users to sync single-use codes with their Google Account.

For example, the Google Authenticator app generates one-of-a-kind authentication codes that are used to authenticate when connecting to an online service or setting up a new Android device. This makes it more difficult for your accounts and personal data to be stolen, making it an essential layer of security in the lives of Google Account holders.

Until now, the code list was only available on one device, unless you took steps to change it. This limitation can be annoying when you want to identify yourself on another device or if your smartphone is stolen. In this regard, Christian Brandt, product manager for the feature, announced on the company’s blog: “We’re excited to announce an update to Google Authenticator on both iOS and Android that adds the ability to securely back up one-time codes to your Google Account.”

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Single-use codes are now synced to your Google Account

Users criticize Google Authenticator because of the complexity caused by the loss or theft of a device that has it installed. Once the codes are stored on a smartphone, losing them means that users cannot identify themselves to a service that has two-factor authentication configured. As long as you remember your Google Account credentials, situations where you’ve been “banned” from the service are a thing of the past.

Mountain View is well aware that unique tokens and two-factor authentication are not a panacea for security and accessibility. That’s why its leaders say the future really lies in passwords, those physical security keys that will ensure a world without passwords.

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