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Voice of the Earth.. Iraqis bid farewell to artist Yas Qadr | Art


Cultural, artistic and popular circles in Iraq and Arab countries mourned the great Iraqi singer Yas Qader, famous songs “Han Wa An Han”, “Taibin”, “Violet”, “Reel”, “Hamad”, “Al-Mukhair” and Other. He passed away in the early hours of yesterday Saturday (September 2, 2023), whose songs remain firmly in the hearts of Iraqis and Arabs. 85 years.

Yas Kader, whose full name is Yas Kader Ali Al-Husseini, is an Iraqi singer born in 1938 in the city of Najaf (central Iraq). He is considered one of the most important singers of Iraq’s 1970s generation. He began his artistic career in the late 1960s, and one of his first songs recorded for radio was the song “Al-Hadal”, which became popular after it was first broadcast on Armed Forces Radio in 1968. The late Iraqi composer Muhammad Jawad Amori.

Iraqi Artists Syndicate mourns the star nicknamed “Voice of the Earth”, “Iraqi Artists Syndicate mourns the death of voice of the earth artiste Yas Khadr with great sadness and sorrow. I pray that God will cover him with his vast mercy and comfort his family, following an incurable illness in Baghdad.” May his fans and colleagues be patient and comforted.

In an interview with Al Jazeera Net, Jabbar Jodi, head of the Iraqi Artists Syndicate, said, “The late Yas Qader gained Arab fame for his unique voice and his unique singing style, especially because he combined rural and emotional color. And so he distinguished himself from his peers and other singers of his generation.

Judy added that the deceased was one of the masters of Iraqi and Arabic singing, and he was famous in the Arab world for his unique voice, especially because he worked with great composers. Like Talib al-Qara Qauli and Muhammad Jawad Amori, so “he became like a legend.”

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Iraqi artist Yas Qader is one of the masters of Iraqi and Arabic music (Iraqi News Agency).

Awards and Honours

In 2005 he was honored by Iraqi artist Qassem al-Saher at the sixth Doha Festival. He was awarded the Shield of Honor by the STARS satellite channel network at the 2008 Stars of Art Festival, presented to him by Iraqi artist Reda Al-Abdullah on behalf of the channel’s management.

He received the Creativity Medal at the Radio and Television Forum in 2015, and was honored by the Culture Committee at the Al-Alawiya Entertainment Club in Baghdad in 2018.

The late Yas Khader participated in many official and unofficial festivals and concerts inside and outside the Arab world, especially in the Arabian Gulf, Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Egypt and many European countries, where he sang for the Arab communities. Different forms of singing.

Flutist Shukr Marzooq Al-Obaidi – who accompanied Yas Qadr on most of his songs – told Al Jazeera Net that Yas Qadr’s passing was a great tragedy, adding, “How can I mourn him when I’m shocked to see him gone? Two figures at once: Yas Qadr and Kareem al-Iraqi, may heaven protect them while they are in the Gardens of Bliss.” “.

In Yas Qader’s obituary, journalist Saba Allal Zayer told Al Jazeera Net, “With the departure of great composers and poets such as Muhammad Jawad Amory, Talib al-Qara Qouli, Mohsen Farhan, Abdul Hussein al-Samawi, Kamal al-Sayed, and Kamel al-Amiri, The legend of Iraqi melody, departed with them.

Yas Qader died early Saturday morning at the Medical City Hospital in Baghdad after two weeks of deteriorating health. Due to heart problems, a huge funeral was held for him, which was attended by thousands of artists and citizens.

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He died one day after the death of the great Iraqi poet Karim al-Iraqi, where his funeral was held at the headquarters of the Iraqi Artists Syndicate in central Baghdad, followed by burial at his home in the Wadi al-Salam cemetery. His place of birth is in Najaf city.

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